Definitely one of modern Jazz’s leading female songwriters and interpreters, Grammy award winner, Luciana Souza, continues to provide rich experiences for Jazz and Bossa Nova lovers.


Luciana Souza


She certainly delivered just that, during a well-received performance at the Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre. On January 25 as part of a Celebrity Series in Boston She showcased her poetic talent and skills in rhythm, tuning and vocal praising to an enthusiastic crowd.

Souza demonstrated that she has refined her abilities after being introduced to the world of music from a young age. Luciana was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a family of artists as her father was a singer and songwriter and her mother a poet and lyricist. She started a recording career at age three with a radio commercial and became a first call studio veteran at sixteen.

Luciana Souza

Luciana Souza impressed the Audience at Havard

Engulfing herself in music, she pursued a four-year bachelor’s degree in jazz composition at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and a master’s in Jazz studios from the New England Conservatory of Music. She then went on to teach at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music for four years. Her resume is compiled with many achievements including six Grammy award nominations and winning album of the year in 2008 for “River: The Joni Letters”.

Sharing the stage with talented Houston born drummer and composer, Kendrick Scott, Brooklyn native and ‘irealbook’ creator Massiimo Biolcati, on the bass, guitarist Lionel Loueke from West Africa and Swiss Gregoire Maret on the harmonica fans were given something of a multicultural experience at the Sanders Theatre.

Opening with a fiery, quickly paced performance of “Filhos De Ghandi” by the quartet the audience was then treated with some of Souza’s singles from her previous albums. One such song included “The Thrill is Gone” from Luciana’s album which pays tribute to the legendary Chet Baker titled “The Book of Chet”.  She proclaimed her admiration for the legendary jazz trumpeter, flugelhornist and vocalist to the Harvard audience Luciana saying “I grew up listening to Chet Baker … he was an important part of my development. My heart slows [when listening to him].”

The Book of Chet - Luciana Souza

The Book of Chet – Luciana Souza

Luciana’s singing has often been described as being transcendental and of unimaginable beauty and with other stellar performances including “A Pebble”, “Ouidah” and “True North” she was able to capture the minds of her listeners before transporting them to a different realm. Slated to perform at the University of New Hampshire on March 31st Luciana Souza will continue her role as a leading female exponent of Jazz and Bossa Nova all while bringing satisfaction to its followers on each occasion.

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