Beyonce comes to Brazil as a part of the “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” and impresses in Fortaleza


Beyonce on Stage


On Sunday Beyonce continued her tour of several locals across the world, “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” in Brazil’s very own Fortaleza. The Tour has been very well received by fans and critics across the world and she seems set to repeat such success in Brazil, where local press seem to have nothing but positive things to say about her first performance in Brazil. As in almost every country she visits, her arrival on and off stage was highly anticipated locally.


Beyonce Poster

Of particular interest to us here at bnovamusic was her promotional video that was shot and released ahead of her visit.  The short video is shot in black and white and feature the international star on the beaches of Brazil and what better to accompany the elegant visuals than to have “The Girl from Ipanema” (Garota de Ipanema) playing the background. This was especially as Beyonce , who is indeed tall, tan, young and lovely, moves around the beach and emerges from the see in a bathing suite that probably would have mesmerized Jobim and Vinicius as much as the actual inspiration for the song did many decades