Scottish new wave and experimental pop musician David Byrne is not the type of artist one would immediately associate with bossa nova. However, the multi-instrumentalist known as the “King of Quirk” has legitimate ties with Brazilian music due to his continued professional collaboration with Brazil’s very own master of quirk Tom Ze.

David Byrne

David Byrne perfoms his version of Aguas De Marco

Notwithstanding, when MTV decided to publish their list of his Top 5 collaborations, it was not one of his collaborations with Tom Ze that made the list. Instead it was his version of the Antonio Carlos Jobim bossa nova classic “Aguas De Marco” (or Waters of March) featuring Marisa Monte.  Byrne regards this as one of Jobim’s most “surreal” pieces of work and  his version certainly seems to be unconventional to the say the least.

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