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Jazz lovers will be getting an excellent lengthy treat starting next Wednesday as the PDX Jazz festival is scheduled to begin. The festival has a marvelous reputation and, like previous years, it will be having a fine catalog of  musicians to produce quality performances for the audiences. Some of the names in the lineup include Becca Stevens, a multi-dimensional singer, songwriter and guitarist, Benny Green, a pianist who has been a sideman to legendary jazz performers and Cyrille Aimée, a French vocalist who has been a rising star on the jazz vocal scene. In addition to the impressive lineup there will be jazz conversations, solo piano performances, small combos, big bands and a pair of shows dedicated to Frank Sinatra’s centennial over the course of two weeks. However, what is arguably most exciting about this planned event is the expected performance of Bossa Nova gem Bebel Gilberto.

bebel gilberto

Why are we so excited about Bebel Gilberto? Bebel is a multi-grammy award nominated vocalist, has been described as possessing gorgeous melodies and her performances are not one to disappoint. Gilberto, being nominated for several grammys in her career is testimony to the tremendous talent she has and the appreciation she receives for it. Her electronic bossa nova album, Tanto Tempo, had positioned her as one of the best selling artists in the United States since the 1960’s. She is also widely renowned for her excellent vocals. Customer reviews for her album at times express that there is a charm to her music and there should be more tracks for the listener because there just isn’t enough to be satisfied with. Lastly, her stage performances are a true reflection of her talent. Some musicians are good at producing records but cannot translate that recording quality to a live performance; Bebel Gilberto is not one of those musicians.

Gilberto is successful, talented and is a great performer hence jazz lovers should make an effort to catch her performance on February 18th and 7:00 pm.



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