Brazilian Legend, Maria Bethania will celebrate half a century this year with celebratory performances


Maria Bethania celebrates 50 years

2015 marks 50 years since 17 year old singer Maria Bethania replaced Nara Leão in the local television programme, “Opinião.” Success followed shortly after with her single “Carcará” catapulting her into stardom. Her amazing career is filled with many personal achievements including being the first woman in Brazil to sell 1 million records. She also is the 10th best selling Brazilian artist of all time with more albums released than years in the business.

In celebration of this fantastic career, she has decided to put on a number of special anniversary performances entitled “Abraçar e agradecer” – which roughly translate to “Embrace and Thank.” The shows will be performed on two separate occasions. One weekend will be in Rio de Janeiro at Vivo Rio on Saturday the 17th (today) and Sunday the 18th.  Another set of performances will be held on the 14th and 15th of March at HSBC Brasil, Sao Paulo.  Ticket prices will range between R$140 to R $280.


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