It’s one of the most talked about film projects in Brazil. For some time now the details of the Biographical film of Brazilian music legend, Elis Regina have been scarce so it comes as little surprise that the release of information on the cast is big news.  According to Brazilian news paper “O Globo”  Caco Ciocler and Mariza Orth have been confirmed to be apart of the cast for the film.
Caco Ciocler, is an accomplish actor in brazil having been nominated for several Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro awards (a prestigious Brazilian film award ), among several other accolades. The talented actor will be playing the role of Regina’s second husband.
Mariza Orth is not only an actress but also a singer which makes her inclusion in this film more fitting. The multi-talented star even performed a song originally composed by Elis’ fond collaborator Antonio Carlos Jobim on her album, “Romance Vol. II.”  She will be playing the role of Myriam Muniz, the film actress and director who worked with Regina in the successful musical production “Falso Brilhant”
Previously mentioned details included the selection of television and film star Andreia Horta as Elis regina. Famed songwriter and producer Nelson Matta helped pen the script, along with Patricia Andrade and Luiz Bolognesi. There is till no release date yet.
This is a unique project but is by no means singular as there have been, and continue to be, endless tributes made to the legendary musician. Her legacy still lives on through the numerous albums and videos she  featured in. She is widely regarded as one of the best voices in Brazilian music history and also one of the most influential artists of her time. Her dominance in various genres such as MBP and of course bossa nova along with her vibrant public persona and infections smile has made her one of Brazil’s most loved personalities.

We will continue to provide updates on the film as news develops.

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