Antonio Carlos Jobim, has been widely regarded as the force behind the creation of Bossa Nova. Having had deep roots in jazz music from an early age his contribution to Bossa Nova, has labelled him, in many circles as the George Gershwin of Brazil.  His work is still very much respected around the world as his legacy continues to influence Bossa Nova fans, artistes and composers.



This Wednesday, January 28th at 8 p.m in Connecticut, the Sambeleza group aims to pay tribute to legendary Bossa Nova composer on a day which will be three days after the legend’s 88th birthday. Sambeleza, a unique group compromising of some amazing American and Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba and jazz artists have been very much instrumental in the promotion of Brazilian music and arts.



Having derived its name from the words ‘samba’, the national dance of Brazil and ‘beleza’, the Portuguese word for beauty, the group has executed steady performances at numerous festivals including the International Festival Arts of Ideas and the Middletown Summer Sounds, performing a wide range of old and new Brazilian music. The group members: vocalist and pianist, Isabella Mendes, guitarist, Joe Carter, bassist, Jeff Fuller and percussionist, Asher Delerme, together, are expected to once again implement their unique jazz twist in their performance and remind us in soothing style, the work of Tom Jobim.



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