Despite the fact that bossa nova is often composed and played on a guitar the number of acoustic bossa nova albums produced presently, as in the past, are surprisingly relatively small in number. It is possibly due to this fact, that singer Ida Landsberg could release her album titled “Acoustic Bossa Nova,” without the worry of ambiguity. Safe to say there is no ambiguity from a musical aspect either; Ida Landsberg sounds like no one else on this record.

Acoustic Bossa Nova

Acoustic Bossa Nova

As the acoustic nature of the album provides it with a theme already, the song selection was allowed to be a varied one. Several popular songs from artists of all times and genres were covered, though there does seem to be a focus on nostalgic songs from the pre 90’s era. Different moods are also explored throughout the album.

Simone Salvatore’s skillful playing ensures that the absence of other musical instruments is not missed. His virtuoso moments are impressive and well adopted to the specific songs. As well, he provides enough variety to ensure that the background never gets repetitive. Ida sounds comfortable on each track and has the controlled subtlety needed to sing bossa nova. These qualities ensure that the album is a pleasant one and Ida’s modest charisma makes the experience more memorable

This quality is brought out on several occasion such as when Ida tones down the 80’s cult classic anthem “Maniac”. Whereas the original was a pulsating song that became synonymous with aerobic work outs, this version is what would be played after the exercise. The aggressive examinations are replaced with a softer approach but not one lacking in energy. She manages to be colorful in expression while always sounding in control and the same can be said about a number of songs on the album.

Ida Landerg’s choice to make an album from an unusual combination of songs is one that pays off. Most of the tracks on the album have rarely, if ever, been done in the bossa nova style and the decision to make the whole album an acoustic one is just as unique as it is effective.