Bebel Gilberto may be the daughter of bossa nova legend and inventor, Joao Gilberto, but in 2004 on the eve of the release of her eponymous album, all pressure and expectations were self-inflicted. Her much celebrated debut album “Tanto Tempo” was still fresh in the memory of music lovers and the 4 year wait for the follow-up made this release, one that was highly anticipated.

Bebel Gilberto - Bebel Gilberto (2004)

Bebel Gilberto – Bebel Gilberto (2004)

Bebel Gilberto has never been the type to rush herself or her work. Her debut album was released when she was 34, despite being exposed to the music world from a very early age. She opted to hone her vocal talent and consolidate her musical direction before releasing original work and the effects of her cautious and well thought out approach are clear to see throughout “Bebel Gilberto.”

Never allowing her family name to dictate her musical direction, Bebel Gilberto has always added a modern twist to the bossa nova she inherits from her parents. On “Tanto Tempo” she fused bossa nova with electric elements and on this album she applies the same formula, though, with an even more understated sound. The death of collaborator and close friend Mitor Subotic, resulted in Bebel Gilberto teaming up with Marius De Vries and Guy Sigsworth.  The result is an album that sounds relaxed and modern; in three words: contemporary bossa nova.

The electronic elements are applied as splashes to the Brazilian arrangement, consisting of guitar and piano melodies. “Simplesmente” is a delightfully eerie song of introspection sang in both English and Portuguese that highlights the meeting of her two worlds. This is followed by another highlight in “agunju” which has the albums most memorable chorus; a layering of haunting voices.

With a family name like hers, Bebel could have easily fallen into the mold of trying to imitate her father’s style but she has resisted this temptation. If her first album presented her unique artistry to the world then her second album not only showcases her consistency but also highlights her ability to redefine her sound, even if ever so slightly.

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Released:June, 8,2004

Genre:Bossa Nova, Future Jazz ,Downtempo

Label: Ziriguiboom




4.”All Around”

5.”River Song”

6.”Every Day You’ve Been Away”

7.”Cada Beijo”

8.”O Caminho”


10.”Céu Distante”


12.”Next to You”