Much like bossa nova, Disney is another creation of the 20 century that has had far-reaching cultural implications and would become known across the world. The title for this album seems quite apt as Disney were embarking on uncharted territory. The decision to gather Brazil’s greatest artists and have them sing their versions of Disney classics in the style of bossa nova was certainly an unusual and daring one.

Disney Adventures in Bossa Nova

Disney Adventures in Bossa Nova

The cast assembled for this album is impressive featuring established artists such as Marcos Valle, Quartato Em Cy, Wanda Sa, Muicha, Edu Lobo and Carlos Lyra. The song selection is even more varied than the artists list with songs from various classics such as the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

Much like the silver slipper that Cinderella wore, the carefree and light tone of bossa nova seems like a perfect fit for the Disney songs which were originally written for a young audience. The arrangements are youthfully spry and the vocal performances for the most part are as animated as the movies they are based on. This combination provides an experience that will appeal to younger children. However, similar to the movies from which the music was inspired, the album is one that can be equally enjoyed by an older audience. This is achieved by the existence of an interesting dynamic in which the light weight and playful exterior serves as a cover for the complex arrangements and creative compositions underneath.

“Es Tu o Principe Azul” is Wanda Sa & Joao Donato’s  interpretation of “Once Upon a dream” from Sleeping Beauty. The original was a charming song that featured the lead, Princess Aurora day dreaming in song. Joao Donato delivers a riveting performance on piano that retains the enchantment of the original  but adds a level of elegance that was not present in the original. This sets the stage for Wanda Sa whose performance is appropriately imaginative. Joyce’s interpretation of  “When you wish Upon a star” from Pinocchio is another highlight of the album and is just as dreamy as the original.

Disney Adventures in Bossa Nova is as innovative and entertaining as any of the movies that it drew songs from. The artists, most of which have enjoyed long careers, seem comfortable re-connecting with their inner child. The rediscovery of a childhood essence is an experience that will extend to older listeners as well. An unexpectedly fulfilling venture, Disney deserves credit for delivering the genre to an audience that is rarely targeted.


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1. Cruela Cruel (Cruella De Vil)- Marcos Valle

2. Hi-Ho (Heigh-Ho)- Joyce

3. Somente O Necessario- Quarteto em Cy

4. Under The Sea – Bena Lobo

5. Es Tu O Principe Azul- Wanda Sá/João Donato

6. Beauty And The Beast- Miucha

7. Ciclo Sem Fim(Circle Of Life) –Edu Lobo

8. When You Wish Upon A Star- Joyce

9. Um Mundo Ideal (A Whole New World) -Ivan Lins

10. Cancao De Amor -Carlos Lyra

11. In A World Of My Own- Ana Martins

12. Não É Fácil (It’s Not Easy) -Marcos Valdes/Patricia Alvi

13. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo- Joyce

14. Supercalifragilisticexpialidoso- Sanny Alves

15. Mickey Mouse Club Samba- Joao Gasper