Being the album that is supposedly the sequel to the ground-breaking “Jazz Samba” and the prelude to the phenomenal and Grammy album of the year”Getz/Gilberto” may make “Jazz Samba Encore” seem like a smaller album sandwiched between two colossal works, but rest assured the album is a giant in its own right.

ALbum of the Week Jazz Samba Encore

Jazz Samba Encore

Stan Getz teams up with Brazilian guitar virtuoso Luiz Bonfa for this album; a wise decision.  At times Bonfa’s playing is unworldly and showcases why he is widely regarded as the one of, if not the best guitarist out of Brazil. On the penultimate song, “Um AbraCo no Getz”, he commands the track from beginning to end, in a manner that will almost surely have an instantaneously positive effect on the listener. Bonfa and Stan Getz work well  together throughout the entire 40 minutes and 47 seconds, as the latter provides swift channels of music and inspired solos.

Despite not being featured on the cover, bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim ,contributes by playing, composing and arranging at different points on the album. Jobim standards and originals from Bonfa, are both featured here; a detail that becomes increasingly insignificant as each tracks seamlessly flows on to the other.

Singer, Maria Toledo, the wife of Bonfa, completes this group of talented performers. Never a show stealer, her haunting vocals are used sparingly. On “Insensatez” (How Insensitive) the group really gels well. Toledo lends her dark vocals to create what is in my opinion the best version of a frequently covered song.

Given that the theme of the song revolves around how cold and “insensitive” one  can be when a romance goes bad, Toledo’s Icy voice is more than appropriate. Additionally, Creed Taylor’s careful use of reverb further enhances the chilly feel.

Bossa nova albums have featured a number of remarkable collaborative efforts and “Jazz Samba Encore” is right up there with the best, even if not as well known as others. By the end of it you may be screaming “encore” as it leaves you wanting more.

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Recorded: February 8-27,1963

Genre: Jazz, Bossa nova

Length: 40:12

Label: MGM/Verve

Producer: Creed Taylor

1.”Sambalero” (Luiz Bonfá)

2.”Só Danço Samba (I Only Dance Samba)” (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Vinicius de Moraes)

3.”Insensatez (How Insensitive)” (Jobim/de Moraes)

4.”O Morro Não Tem Vez” (Jobim/de Moraes)

5.”Samba de Duas Notas (Two Note Samba)” (Luiz Bonfá)

6.”Menina Flor” (Bonfá/Maria Toledo)

7.”Mania De Maria” (Bonfá/Maria Toledo)

8.”Saudade Vem Correndo” (Bonfá/Maria Toledo)

9.”Um Abracao No Getz (A Tribute to Getz)” (Bonfá)

10.”Ebony Samba – Second Version” (Bonfá)

11.”Ebony Samba – First Version” (Bonfá)