Veronneau is defined by its originality and diversity. The band itself is comprised of musicians from different continents and they collectively specialize in a unique brand of pop and jazz with a focus on bossa nova.  The “Jazz Samba Project” is the product of their combined influences with a focus on paying tribute to the historical release from which the name of the album is derived.


Jazz-Samba-Project – Veronneau

Throughout the album it is apparent with each track, that they have no problems in exploring established sounds and re-creating them in their own style. There is a sense of freedom on the album and the listener instantly gets the impression that they are enjoying the process. This is a reinvigoration of classic songs not a regurgitation of them.

The creativity is matched with technical prowess. The guitar playing on this album is a delight and the percussion is particularly impressive. The rhythm sections featured on this album are vivacious and give the songs remarkable replay value. Fortunately, the main vocalist Lyn Verroneau, manages to fit in perfectly alongside her group mates while still managing to stand out as a performer.

Her animated and energetic performances complement the feel and ideology of the group very well. Unafraid to explore tone and range, with the ability to match the audacity, she manages to convey an effortless command of each song.

The group’s version of “Mas Que Nada” is lively, bold and is one of the best versions of this song at any point in time. Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain” is re-worked with an original arrangement. From the start, the song’s structure and tone is changed to suit the band’s style, creating a soothing and stirring feel which is amplified by the bridge in which Lyn, explodes over an intensified background of drums and guitars. The dramatic effect is captivating without being overdone.

Every track on the albums manages to sound uniquely crafted and is expertly performed. Eclectic and refreshingly energetic, “Jazz Samba Project” is enjoyable and musically impressive; style and substance combined. The best bossa nova album of 2012.


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1. E Luxo So

2. Waiting in Vain

3. September Moon

4. Mas Que Nada

5. Meditation

6. One Note Samba

7. Samba Saravah

8. Samba Triste

9. Autumn Leaves

10. Wave