As an Argentine multi-instrumentalist and singer with a strong affinity for Brazilian music, Cecilia Monte, has a unique musical and cultural background to draw from and she uses this well throughout her first full length studio album, “Open Air.”

Her decision to record the album in English, Portuguese and Spanish serves as the first testament of her versatility and choice to incorporate various aspects of her life into one project. This becomes even more apparent with her decision to record both jazz and bossa nova songs on this album. It’s a daring musical decision but one that she was able to execute seamlessly.

Open Air - Cecilia Monte

Open Air – Cecilia Monte

The album starts off with the jazz Standard, “ Old Devil Moon. ” She puts her spin on the song with an animated and controlled vocal performance over an equally lively arrangement. “Fotografia” is a highlight on the album and reveals how comfortable she is as a vocalist and musician in general. By extension the listener cannot help but to feel at ease and it this dynamic that makes this album and the performer special. Monte is successful at conveying her emotions and mood throughout the album and subsequently has a transformative effect on the listener.

Her conscious decisions to showcase her versatility through her music allows this album to appeal to an audience just as diverse as her work. Additionally, her comforting tone allows the listener to enjoy and assimilate the message of her music. What you get is a musically lush and intricate album that is conceptually complex but easy for the audience to digest. Cecilia Monte is a talented musician and performer but on “Open Air” her gift at making a connection with her listeners through her music is what will stand out as her most enduring quality.

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1. Old Devil Moon

2. Waiting

3. Fotografia

4. O Pato

5. My Favourite Things

6. Minha Canção

7. O Meu Cantar

8. When Will You Come

9. I Hear Music