Few have enjoyed such enduring recognition and appreciation for their culture and artistic contributions to their country as Vinicius De Moares has. Characteristic of his multifaceted career, Vinicius provided both the script for his play, “Orfeu da Conceição” and the accompanying soundtrack with the same title. Therefore, this album is significant as it represents the first time Vinicius would be a main artist and writer on a musical album and it also marks the beginning of his collaboration with Jobim.

Orfeu da conceicao+Vinicis De Moraes+Jobim+Luiz Bonfa

Orfeu da conceicao

Much like the play the cast on this album was carefully selected and included Luiz Bonfa on the guitar and Roberto Paiva, who provided additional vocals. The Overture is a magnificent and appropriately theatrical stretch of music. Beginning with a whimsical arrangement of strings, it eventually transforms into a faster and livelier section complete with syncopated drums and background vocals that all follow the melody of the classic lamento. “Lamento No Morro,” is the final song on the 21 minute album and has acoustic guitar strings in place of the orchestral arrangement featured in the overture.

Everything in between is equally romantic and elegant.

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Released: 1956

Genres:  MPB , Samba , Bossa Nova

Format : LP

Label: Odeon


2.Monólogo de Orfeu

3.Um nome de mulher

4.Se todos fossem iguais a você

5.Mulher, sempre mulher

6.Eu e o meu amor

7.Lamento no morro