Anogla’s Aline Frazão

Hailing from Angola, Aline Frazão, is one of the major voices for Bossa Nova in Africa

Aline Frazao

Aline Frazao


When the words “Bossa Nova”  is mentioned, the continent that comes to mind first is South America. This is a natural and perfectly rational response as Brazil, the home of bossa nova, is in South America. If one were to stretch Europe and North America may also be mentioned. Rarely, does one link this 20th century innovation to Africa. In that regard, Aline Aline Frazão, from the african nation of Angola, is a special case. Though not strictly a bossa nova artist her unique blend of musical influences certainly contains elements of bossa nova, which are clearly evident in her song ” Tanto”.

Featured on her 2013 album, “Movimento” the song begins with a serene guitar melody reminiscent of Bebel Gilberto’s August Day Song. Interestingly, this song  title is also the first part of the title for Gilberto’s album, ” Tanto Tempo” on which “August Day Song” was featured. Aline then effortless eases into the song for the rest of the verse. However, when the chorus arrives smoothness transforms into soulfulness as she becomes noticeably more powerful but never aggressive. The elegant piano playing is also another feature that can be heard from this point onwards. The solo performed by Marco Pombinho midway through the track is a highlight.

Aline Frazao

Aline Frazao in Tanto

Accompany the song is a music video (featured earlier in this post). The majority of the video sees the viewer following Aline Frazão around what appears to be a typical lower income community. We witness  the normal day to day activities of the people including such tasks as cooking and fishing. When one views Aline Frazão as a guide through these events her smooth but mildly commanding tone makes sense. Hopefully, this could also indicate her role as a leader in bossa nova and bossa-nova inspired music in her native Angola.


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