Recently, American musician, poet and actor, Art Gunkfel, sat down for an interview with the Huffington post. He discussed his career and music and when asked about some of his favorite work, made mention of Antonio Carlos Jobim and his classic, “Waters of March.” He himself did a cover of the song in 1975 for his album”Breakway.”

Art Garfunkel talks about Jobim and Waters of the March

Art Garfunkel

“Water Of March” is by Antonio Carlos Jobim, one of the great songwriters of the twentieth century. In “Waters Of March,” Jobim is listing ninety three nouns: A stick, a stone, the end of the road… It just embraces the all and the everything of life, and it adds up to a kind of a giant embrace, so that’s one of my favorites.”

Below is a video of Garfunkel’s version of the song: