On August 26 1943 the latest addition to the Caymmi family was born. He was named Dorival Tostes Caymmi but the world would come to know him as Dori. This shortened name would serve to differentiate from his illustrious father who shared the same birth name. Dori would find other ways to further distance himself from his father’s shadow and would do it with his music.  As son to a father who was an influential singer and song-writer and a mom and sister also involved in Brazilian music Dori was born and raised around music and began formally studying and practicing music at the age of eight.

Whereas his father was renowned for his influence on samba and bossa nova Dori Caymmi would gain notoriety for supporting the birth of successive genres, namely MPB and Tropicalia. Initially considered a part of the second generation of bossa nova, in 1964 he directed and played viola in the play Opinião which served as an important transition between bossa nova and MPB.

Later he toured with Paul Winter’s sextet around North America and was able to direct and arrange albums for Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa and Gilberto Gil. Before this could occur though, Dori would have to convince the director of Phillips to allow Costa and Veloso to record music under the music label. He was successful in his attempt; though it was not a completely singular effort as Edu Lobo and Roberto Menescal also made a case for the young musicians. This would mark his impact on tropicalia as both Costa and Veloso would go on to become pioneers of this newly formed genre. Caetano Veloso would pay tribute to Dori declaring him the best Brazilian violonista after Joao Gilberto.

Dori Caymmi
1972: Dori Caymmi – Odeon Records
1980: Dori Caymmi – EMI/Odeon Records
1982: Dori Caymmi – EMI/Odeon Records
1987: Dori, Nana, Danilo E Dorival Caymmi
1988: Dori Caymmi – Elektra Records
1991: Brazilian Serenata – WEA Records
1993: Kicking Cans – Qwest/Warner Music
1994: If Ever… – Warner Music
1997: Tome conta de meu filho que eu ja fui do mar – EMI Music
1999: Cinema:A Romantic Vision
2001: Influências – Universal Music
2003: Contemporâneos – Universal Music
2005: Rio Bahia (w/Joyce) – Far Out Recordings
2009: Inner World – MusicTaste
2011: Poesia Musicada – MusicTaste