• Elizete Cardoso

Elizete Cardoso as with many of the forerunners of this new and vibrant sound hailed from Rio de Janeiro. Born July 16th 1920 she began working at an early age taking various forms of employment that ranged from store clerk to hair dresser.

In 1939 she began to perform at clubs and theaters and at her 16th birthday party was discovered by musician Jacob do Bandolim. Despite her fathers protests she appeared on the Programa Suburbano with Vicente Celestino, Araci de Almeida, Moreira da Silva, Noel Rosa and Marília Batista who were prominent singers of the time on August 18, 1936.

With growing success coming in the 1950s with songs such as “Canção de Amor” and “Complexo” Elizete made her first television performance in 1951 which helped to launch her careers as an actress.

In 1958 she was invited to work on what became the first ever bossa nova album by Vinicius de Moraes.This project included the likes of Tom Jobim and the helped launch the genre.

Cardoso continued to sing and act until her death from cancer on May 7th 1990 at the age of 69.

bossa nova artist: Elizeth Cardoso
1958 Canção Do Amor Demais (Festa)

1963 A Meiga Elizete Nº 3 (Copacabana)

1963 Elizete Interpreta Vinícius (Copacabana)

1967 A Enluarada Elizeth (Copacabana)

1972 Elizeth Cardoso (Tal)

1972 Preciso Aprender A Ser Só

1974 Edição Histórica Vol.3 (fontana)

1968 Vol. 2 (with Zimbio Trio) (Museu Da Imagem E Do Som)

1968 Vol. 1 (with Zimbio Trio) (Museu Da Imagem E Do Som)

1969 Elizeth E Zimbo Trio Balançam Na (Copacabana)

1975 É De Manhã (with Zimbo Trio )

1977 Vol. 3 (Zimbio Trio) (SOM)

2008 A Bossa Eterna De Elizeth E Ciro (Ciro Monteiro) (EMI)