Jorge Ben Jor

  • Jorge Ben Jor

Q uite possibly one of the most versatile and prolific artists borne out of the bossa nova movement of the 50′ and 60’s, Jorge Ben Jor, released several albums and has written over 700 songs in the genres of samba, rock, bossa nova, soul and pop.

Born in Rio de Janiero, he was first influenced by bossa nova legend Joao Gilberto, however his early style was characterized by a unique and innovative guitar playing style. It has been described as  a style of playing the guitar as if it were a bass or with more aggressive strumming. He performed his original song “Mas Que Nada” to a small crowd which included an executive from a recording company and within one week his song was released.

“Mas Que Nada” is to this day one of the most easily recognized songs both inside and outside of Brazil in the language of Portuguese (and the only Portuguese song to be featured in top American charts) and his been covered by various artists, most notably Sergio Mendes. “Taj Mahal,” is one of his most popular songs and was the subject of a plagiarism lawsuit where Rod Stewart was accused of copyright infringement when his song “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” was believed to have elements from Jorge Ben Jor’s song. The case was ended in a amicable manner according to Ben.

If the 60’s and 70’s served to cement his status as one of Brazil’s musical powerhouses then the subsequent decades were responsible for his expansion as an artist outside of Brazil. His popularity in Europe and to a lesser extent North America has seen him described by MTV as “second only to Joao Gilberto in popularity outside of Brazil in the 80’s and 90’s.”

1963 Samba Esquema Novo (Phillips)

1964 Ben É Samba Bom (Philips)

1965 Big Ben (Philips)

1967 O Bidú: Silêncio No Brooklin

1969 Jorge Ben (Philips)

1970 Fôrça Bruta (Philips)

1971 Negro É Lindo (Philips)

1972 Ben (Philips)

1973 10 Anos Depois (Philips)

1974 A Tábua De Esmeralda (Philips)

1975 À L’Olympia (Philips)

1975 Para Ouvir No Radio (Philips)

1975 Solta O Pavão (Philips)

1975 Fio Maravilha (Philips)

1976 África Brasil

1976 Samba Nova (Island)

1977 Tropical(Philips)

1978 A Banda Do Zé Pretinho (RCA)

1978 Bérénice (Musidisc)

1979 Salve Simpatia (Som Livre)

1979 Creole Girl(Pablo Today)

1980 Alô Alô, Como Vai? (Som Livre)

1981 Bem-Vinda Amizade (Som Livre)

1983 Dádiva (Som Livre)

1983 Jorge Ben (Sigla Quattro)

1984 Sonsual (Sigia)

1986 Ben Brasil (Som Livre)

1987 Jorge Bamba Ben (Phonogram)

1989 Benjor (WEA)

1993 23 (Warner Music)

1993 Sacundin Ben Samba (Philips, Polygram)

1995 World Dance (Warner Music (Brazil))

2000 Puro Suingue (Universal Music (Brazil))

1969 Elizeth E Zimbo Trio Balançam Na Sucata (Zimbo Trio) (Copacabana)

1975 Gil E Jorge (with Gilberto Gil)

1976 Palco Corpo E Alma (Various Artists)

1990 Ao Vivo No Rio (WEA)

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