H elo Pinheiro maybe the girl from Ipanema but it is another Pinheiro that would make her name as one of the most successful bossa nova artists of her generation. Her name is Leila Pinheiro.

Form an early period in her life she left the restrictions of formal education, first music theory then medical school, to pursue a career in music in her own style and fashion. Her autonomy would come out yet again in 1983 with her first self-entitled LP, which she released independently. Unusual for an independent album of that time, it featured a number of guest appearances from established and well-known artists, most notably, Antonio Carlos Jobim and João Donato.

1985 would be a watershed year for Pinheiro, her 3rd place finish in Brazil’s Festival of Festival’s and the accolade of, “Best New Artist” would bring more publicity and a record deal with Polygram. 3 years later, under this label, her sophomore album, “Olho Nu” would be released. The album was not only distributed in Brazil but Japan as well. Soon she would be invited to represent Brazil in the Annual Yamaha Worldwide Festival based in Japan, where she would once again win a prize.

In 1989 she would form a fateful partnership with Roberto Menescal, who would produce her fourth album, “Bênção, Bossa. ” Within 12 months the album would sell an amazing 200,000 units, the most successful bossa nova release at the time. Having established herself as prominent voice in bossa nova music she would experiment with other genres for the remainder of her career including pop and samba.

Leila Pinheiro+bossa nova
1983 Leila Pinheiro (Polygram)

1986 Olho Nu (Polygram)

1988 Alma (Polygram)

1989 Bênção, Bossa Nova (Polygram)

1991 Outras Caras (Polygram)

1993 Coisas do Brasil (Polygram)

1994 Isso é Bossa Nova (EMI)

1996 Catavento e Girassol(EMI)

1998 Na Ponta da Língua (EMI)

2000 Reencontro (EMI)

2001 Mais Coisas do Brasil (EMI)

2005 Nos Horizontes do Mundo (EMI)

2010 Meu Segredo Mais Sincero

2007 Agarradinhos (with Roberto Menescal)(Biscoito Fino)

2009 Pra Iluminar (with Eduardo Gudin)(Biscoito Fino)

2007 Nos Horizontes do Mundo – ao Vivo