With  over 22 albums to her name and tours that have taken her all around the world Lisa Ono is one of the true great  artistes of bossa nova music. Born in Sao Paulo in 1962 she spent most of her life between Japan and Rio de Janiero in Brazil. It can be said that it was thanks to her that bossa nova became popularized in the land of the rising sun and much of eastern Asia.

She began as a professional in 1989 with her debut album Catupiry  and has gone on to perform and work with some of the biggest names in the genre such as Tom Jobim and Joao Donato. Lisa is known for her smooth voice and radiant smile. Lisa Ono has also founded her own label called  Nanã which aids in the promotion of Brazilian music in Japan.

1989 Catupiry

1990 NaNã

1992 Menina

1992 Serenata Carioca

1993 Namorada

1994 Esperanca

1995 Minha Saudade

1996 Rio Bossa

1997 Essencia

1998 Bossa Carioca

1999 Dream

2000 Pretty World

2000 Boas Festas

2001 Bossa Hula Nova

2002 Questa Bossa Mia…

2003 Dans Mon Ile

2004 NAIMA~meu anjo~

2004 Boas Festas2~Feliz Natal

2005 Romance Latino vol.1

2005 Romance Latino vol.2

2005 Romance Latino vol.3

2006 Jambalaya -Bossa Americana

2007 Soul & Bossa

2007 Music Of Antonio Carlos Jobim: Ipanema

2009 Cheek To Cheek -Jazz Standards from RIO

2009 Look To The Rainbow – Jazz Standards from L.A

2010 Asia

2011 Japão