Nara Leão

Often Described as the “muse of bossa nova,” Nara Leão is undeniably one of the greats of bossa nova music.

She was given a guitar at age 12 by her father, an event that would shape her life for several decades later. In the 50’s and 60’s it was very much the case of being in the right place at the right time as her home was the site of famous jam sessions with several members of the bossa nova music revolution of that time. After years of dabbling with music casually she became professional, touring with Sergio Mendes.

With the dictatorship in Brazil her lyrical content became increasingly focus on the political state of her country. She displayed a great measure of bravery by writing and performing politically motivated lyrics in a time where such actions could have serious civil and social consequences. Her music is respected for it’s message and for her unique soft tone that blends well with the smooth melodies characteristic of her genre. Her album “Nara Leao” is highly regarded amongst fans and pundits of Brazilian music and her count of 24 albums in 25 years is particularly impressive when one considers she spent large periods of the 70’s away form music and public life to focus on her family.

The news of her brain cancer was a catalyst for a period of industrious and continuous work until her death in 1989.

Nara Leao
1964 Nara (Elenco)

1964 Opinião De Nara (Philips)

1965 O Canto Livre De Nara (Philips)

1965 Cinco na Bossa

1966 Nara Pede Passagem (Philips)

1966 Show Opinião

1966 Liberdade, Liberdade

1966 Manhã De Liberdade (Philips)

1967 Nara (Philips)

1967 Vento De Maio (Philips)

1968 Nara Leão

1969 Coisas do Mundo

1971 Dez Anos Depois (Polydor)

1974 Meu Primeiro Amor

1975 A Musa De Bossa Nova (Philips)

1975 Meu Primeiro Amor (Philips)

1977 Os Meus Amigos São Um Barato (Philips)

1978 …E Que Tudo Mais Vá Pro Inferno (Philips)

1979 Nara Canta en Castellano

1980 Com Açúcar Com Afeto (Philips)

1981 Romance Popular(Philips)

1982 Nasci Para Bailar (Philips)

1983: Meu Samba Encabulado

1984 Abraços E Beijinhos E Carinhos Sem Ter Fim (Philips)

1985 Nara e Menescal – Um Cantinho, Um Violão

1986 Garota de Ipanema

1987 Meus Sonhos Dourados (Philips)

1989 My Foolish Heart (Philips)

1976 Palco Corpo E Alma (Phillips)

1965 Show Opinião (Philips)

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