As a form of music, the genre of bossa nova is believed to be a unique blend of elements of various influences. In this sense there is something bossa-esque about the approach that French group Novelle Vague has taken to their music.

Their name’s etymology burrows from bossa nova with Nouvelle Vague, roughly translating to “New Wave.” Similarly, their sound also burrows from bossa nova.

Comprised of two electro – pop  producers Mark Collin and Oliver Libau and a large number of ever-changing female singers the group specializes in doing covers of popular songs in the bossa nova style. However, unlike most artists that can claim to do a similar thing this group’s song selection is just as unique and varied as their selection of band mates. Focusing on songs from the “new wave” era they do covers of songs mainly from the punk-rock and post-punk genre and from artists such as the “The Clash” and “Blondie.”

To date they’ve released 7 studio albums and toured the world gaining their own unique following across the world and also contributing to other musical projects such as the 2007 release, “Late Night Tales: Nouvelle Vague.” An indication of their popularity comes in the form of their appearance of their music in popular television programs such as Glee and Gossip.

Nouvelle Vague+bossa nova
2004 Nouvelle Vague (Peacefrog)

2006 Bande à part (Peacefrog)

2009 3 (Peacefrog)

2009 Acoustic (New Sound Dimensions)

2010 Best of (Peacefrog Records)

2010 The Singers (New Sound Dimensions)

2011 Couleurs Sur Paris (101 Distribution)