Much like Lisa Ono and Sitti Navarro, Olivia Ong is a talented Asian singer who has made a name for herself, internationally, by singing bossa nova classics.

Born in Singapore, she began her recording career by signing her first professional career with Japanese record label, “S2S Pte. Ltd.” She was first, part of the female Singaporean j-pop trio “Mirai” before branching out into her own solo career.

Her debut album “A girls meets bossa nova” introduced and popularized her to the Japanese audience. It featured several bossa nova classics such as “The Girl from Ipanema,” and was performed entirely in English. Her ability to sing in English, Chinese mandarin and Japanese is a good match for her diverse audience and takes nothing away from her soothing voice.

Since 2005 she has released several studio albums, featuring bossa nova standards and original work and has performed on tour and in a number of concerts including the 2012 Singapore National Day Reception.

2005 A Girl Meets Bossanova (S2S Pte. Ltd)

2005 Precious Stones (S2S Pte Ltd)

2006 Tamarillo (S2S Pte Ltd)

2006 A Girl Meets Bossanova 2 (S2S Pte Ltd)

2007 Fall in Love With (S2S Pte Ltd)

2007 Touch in the Sky (S2S Pte Ltd)

2008 Kiss in the Air (S2S Pte Ltd)

2010 Olivia (HIM Music)

2010 Just for You (HIM Music)

2010 夏夜晚風 (HIM Music)

2011 Romance (HIM Music)