Quarteto em Cy

In the world of bossa nova, solo acts are generally more successful than groups or bands. If this is the rule then “Quarteto em Cy,” is the exception.  Ten years before the first man landed on the moon: Cybele, Cylene, Cynara and  Cyva landed their first set of performance gigs and even appeared on television.

A move to Rio de janeiro, the heart of bossa nova at the time, brought about more live performing opportunities and a chance meeting with legendary brazilian poet, Vinícius de Moraes, bossa nova’s most revered lyricist.  This encounter would lead to a change in name of the group and was a prelude to a period of prolific output in the 60’s and 70’s that saw them work  with almost every big name in brazillian music.  Throughout this period they performed with Vinícius de Moraes, and he  is sometimes even credited as being a member of the group.

The group members have changed but since the 80’s they have managed to maintain the same group of performers (Cyva, Cybele, Cynara and Sonya) and it is in this period from the 80’s onwards that saw them release what many regard to be their best works and cement their following outside of Brazil, in particular,  in Japan and the US.

Quarteto em Cy bossa nova
1964 Quarteto Em Cy (Forma (2))

1966 Quarteto Em Cy (Elenco)

1968 Em Cy Maior (Elenco)

1972 Quarteto Em Cy (Odeon Fonográfica)

1975 Antologia Do Samba Canção (Phillips)

1976 Antologia Do Samba Canção Vol. 2

1978 Querelas Do Brazil (Philips)

1979 1000 Kilohertz (Phillips)

1981 Caminhos Cruzados (RGE)

1991 Chico Em Cy

1994 Tempo E Artista

2000 Brasil Em Cy (CID Entertainment)

1966 Som Definitivo (with Tamba Trio) (Forma (2))

1967 No Zum Zum (with Vinicius, Caymmi, Oscar Castro Neves) (Elenco)

1978 Cobra De Vidro (with MPB 4) (Phillips)

1991 Chico Em Cy (with Chico Baraque) (CID Digital Laser)

1993 Vinicius Em Cy (with Vinicius) (CID Digital Laser)

1977 Resistindo Ao Vivo (Philips)

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