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811, 2012

The Gentleman and Bossa Nova

An original article on my fictional account of being a true gentleman in the world of bossa nova and South American culture. Written by yours truly and featured on the gentleman. The link is right here […]

611, 2012

Video: Year of Brazil – Vinicius de Moraes Tribute

Vinicius de Moraes rememebered on “Year of Brazil.”
On August 9th, performers paid special homage to the great lyricist and poet Vinicius De Moraes during a concert in Portugal . Famed Brazilian singer Miucha (mother of Bebel Gilberto) & Vinicius De Moraes’ own daughter, Georgiana, both took part in the tribute, which was mainly comprised of songs written by the bossa nova legend. This was a part of the “Year In Brazil” an ongoing event to highlight and further strengthen the cultural and technological ties between Brazil & Portugal. […]

511, 2012

Video:Full Metal Alchemist & Bossa Nova

For one reason or another, it now seems common practice to find a Japanese anime soundtrack featuring a song done in “bossa nova style.”  In the past few weeks we featured music from the animes Bleach & Idolm@sters and now we present the bossa nova version of  “tsuki no uragawa”  from the Full Metal Alchemist soundtrack. […]

411, 2012

Gilberto Gil performs featured in “Voices of Latin America”

The legendary Carnegie Hall has been the venue for a number of monumental events in bossa nova history. Artists such as Joao Gilberto, Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz were able to propel the popularity of the music through their performances and subsequent live albums recorded at the hall.  The advocacy of music from every corner of the globe has been a defining characteristic of the locale and this is continued with “Voice of Latin America” […]

111, 2012

Noel Releases Bossa Nova single “Woman”

In keep with the recent focus on bossa nova from the east, we bring you music from Korea. It is not Gangnam style this time around though. The group we are focusing on today is K-pop male vocal group “Noel.” After a 5 year hiatus in which they released virtually no original work, last year saw them triumphantly return to mainstream Korean music. […]

2710, 2012

Album of the Week – Contagious – Sitti Navarro

After 5 successful album releases, Sitti Navarro, the Philippine’s “Queen of Bossa Nova” released” Contagious” in 2009. Fittingly titled; the album features a number of standards and classic songs that have been infected by her voice and style.

With her talent showcased in previous work, she explores new avenues in “Contagious”. Manoeuvring through songs with varying styles, she manages to inscribe her special qualities on each song. This is done with confidence and security that is backed by a voice that is both radiant and calming. […]

2610, 2012

Video: Save The Children – Fabrizio Ferri and Bebel Gilberto

In cooperation with the non-profit organization “Save the Children” Bebel Gilberto has taken time out of her busy schedule to volunteer and provide a treat for various needy children in poor areas of Brazil. The video below showcases her efforts. Directed by world-famous photographer Fabrizio Ferri and featuring  Gilberto’s very own song, “August Day Song,” in the background, the video is both artistically and emotionally gratifying. […]

2610, 2012

Video: Winter Bossa Nova

Babi Mendes is a brazilian artist specializing in jazz and bossa nova. Talented and bi-lingual her debut album “Short Stories” was released in 2010. Upon hearing the album american jazz pianist and songwriter, Tom Grant, contacted her and 2 years later “winter bossa nova” is the result of their interaction. […]

2610, 2012

Gilberto Gil coming to USCB

The Brazillian musical legend and cultural ambassador, Gilberto Gil, will be a making a special appearance and performance on the campus of the University of South Carolina Beaufort, next week. This is apart of the Campus’ “Brazilian Legends in Concert.” Tickets are discounted for students at $18.00 and the general public will be charged $42.oo. Tickets can be bought here. […]

2410, 2012

Italian Bossa Nova: Riccardo Bossa Nova

As the media focuses on the current disaster that has befallen Italy  we hear at bnovamusic would like to shift the focus to bossa nova from some of the finest bossa and Jazz acts from Italia.
“Recardo Bossa Nova” was released in 2009 featuring Irio De Paula and Gianni Basso. The former was born in Rio de Janeiro and has established himself as one of, if not definitively the most prominent Italian bossa nova musician, amassing a loyal following and more than 50 studio albums. Basso is one of Europe’s finest jazz musicians and also enjoyed a long and fruitful career in Italy. […]