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610, 2012

Album of the Week Review: Wave – Antonio Carlos Jobim

By 1967, Antonio Carlos Jobim had played a significant role as one of the leading pioneers of bossa nova. Having already worked on monumentous albums such as “Orfeu da Conceição” and “Getz/Gilbero,” the release of “Wave” further consolidated his position as a legend. […]

410, 2012

Return to Innocence (Bossa Nova Remix)

In 1994 German musical group/project, “Enigma” released the track “Return to Innocence”.  It was an infectious blend of rock and world beat elements. Complete with eerie chants and deep abstract lyricism, the song garnered something of a cult following and was a commercial success that year.  […]

410, 2012

Bebel Gilberto to perform in Seattle

Bebel Gilberto continues her American tour with a two night stint in Seattle at “The Triple Door” which started yesterday and ends tonight. […]

310, 2012

Joao Bosco and Toquinho to perform in Curitiba

On October 19th, 9:00 pm at the Grand Auditorium Positive Theater, Cuitiba , bossa nova veteran Toquinho and MPB artist Joao Bosco will be performing a live set of 25 songs from their prolific repertoire.

Toquinho throughout his career has collaborated with a number of bossa nova artists, most notably Chico Buarque and Vinicius de Moraes, but his pairing with MPB star Joao Bosco, offers a new dynamic and can certainly be regarded as a departure from the norm. […]

3009, 2012

The Girl from Ipanema writes her autobiography

Helo Pinheiro, known around the world as the “Girl from Ipanema”, has decided to write a book about her life and the effects of having one of the most popular songs in recorded music history being written about her. The name of the book is the “Eternal Girl from Ipanema,” and it has been revealed by Pinheiro that the book came as a response to the great demand people have expressed to hear her story. […]

3009, 2012

Labelle Release “Tristeza de nos dois” – Sergio Mendes & Joao Gilberto

On September 18, 2012,  Labelle released “Tristeza de nos dois,” a compilation album of songs from Sergio Mendes and Joao Gilberto. It feature 24 songs ; each being performed by one of the two artists with  no collaboration between Mendes or Joao Gilberto throughout the album. It features bossa nova standards such as “Corcovado” and “Oba-la-la,” along with more obscure or lesser known songs. […]

3009, 2012

Bebel Gilberto performs at Herbst Theater

Today, bossa nova star Bebel Gilberto  continues her tour of the west coast of the United States with a  performance at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco as a part of ,”The Hope & Healing Concert to Benefit Familiar de la Raz.”

Notably, the show will be opened by local favorite Diana Gameros. The Young singer/songwriter is currently trying to fund her first full length album. Anyone interested in helping her  with a donation can do so here […]

2909, 2012

Album of the Week: Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim

Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim are two musicians who are no strangers to collaborations. Throughout their long and celebrated careers they both collaborated with a number of established acts. When both musical giants met for the 1967 album, “Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim,” it represented a merger of two distinct styles from men who could both be described as pioneers and trendsetters. […]

2809, 2012

Choro Nervoso – Novissimo

Novissimo is a Brazilian band that specializes in traditional south American music forms, in particular jazz, samba and bossa nova. Their latest video features the band playing live. The music featured is contemporary bossa nova with an energetic mood. […]

2709, 2012

Andy Williams and his Bossa Nova Connection

Earlier this week, on  September 25, 2012, American entertainment icon Andy Williams died at age 84. He was a highly successful singer and TV personality starring in his very own “The Andy Williams Show” […]