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2609, 2012

Bebel Gilberto Starts American Tour

Today bossa nova star Bebel Gilberto will begin her tour of the west coast of The United States of America. She commences with a visit to San Diego where she will be performing at the “Bellyup Tavern” on Solana beach at 8:00 pm. Tickets start at $36.00 and can be purchased here. […]

2609, 2012

Black Orpheus to be adapted to broadway

Black Orpheus was a 1959 film based on “Orfeu da Conceição” by bossa nova artist and lyricist Vinicius de Moraes.  The story is an adaptation of the Greek legend of of Orpheus and Eurydice, set in a contemporary historical period in a favela in Rio de Janeiro.  Notably the film feature a bossa nova soundtrack featuring pioneers Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfa.

Broadway producer Stephen C. Byrd, has acquired the rights to adapt the film to a Broadway  production and plans to have it shown during the 2013-2014 season. Byrd stated that he has enlisted two prominent Brazilian theater directors and writers to finish a script by the end of the year. In addition he confirmed that the Broadway production will retain the bossa nova soundtrack from the film. […]

2209, 2012

Album of the week: Bossa Nova Bacchanal – Charlie Rouse

In the early 60’s, the release of a bossa nova album by an American jazz musician was not a rare phenomenon. Bossa nova had become a new craze in North America and this led to a number of album releases that were less than noteworthy. Ironically, Charlie Rouse’s 1962 album “Bossa Nova Bacchanal”, though generally not as popular as others, certainly stands out as one of the best albums in this category.

A lot of this has to do with the approach Rouse took for this album. His conscious decision to stick with his jazz roots but smoothly fit in elements of bossa nova, Latin and Caribbean music was a wise one. It allows this album to stand out with a level of authenticity amongst a crowd of imitators. […]

2109, 2012

Art Garfunkel: Jobim, one of the great songwriters

Recently, American musician, poet and actor, Art Gunkfel, sat down for an interview with the Huffington post. He discussed his career and music and when asked about some of his favorite work, made mention of Antonio Carlos Jobim and his classic, “Waters of March.” He himself did a cover of the song in 1975 for his album”Breakway.” […]

2009, 2012

Cecilia Monte’s Farewell to Canada

Argentine-born Bossa Nova and jazz vocalist-songwriter Cecilia Monte performs at Toronto’s Chalkers Pubon Sunday, September 23 at 7:00PM for the final stop on her current Canadian tour. Cecilia performs jazz and Brazilian styles with four outstanding Canadian musicians – Howard Rees on bass, Alan Kingstone on guitar, Robert Rowe on piano and Richard Brisco on drums. […]

1809, 2012

“A tribute to Caetano Veloso” to be released this October

Caetano Veloso is easily one of the most influential figures in Brazilian music and his career which has spanned several decades has been very celebrated. However, it seems 2012, the year he turns 70, is the year in which his life and career will be celebrated, like never before. Early this year he was named the Latin Grammy personality of the year for 2012 and in October an album dedicated to him will be released. […]

1509, 2012

Album of the Week: Equinox – Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66

The “Equinox” is an astronomical event that occurs twice a year and represents a balance between time and space. It is with this above knowledge, that it seems a fitting title for the sophomore album from bossa nova group “Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66.”  Every second of the 24 minute musical journey is appropriately balanced and comes together well.

The unique sound of Brasil ’66 flourishes on this album with the lively exuberance one would expect from this group. The arrangement is complex and energetic incorporating various elements with careful precision. The sonic depth and audio spread out is captivating. […]

1509, 2012

Song of the Week: Constant Rain – Equinox

“Constant Rain”,originally “Chove Chuva” by Jorge Ben features a bright myriad of instruments ranging from typical Brazilian percussion to an Indian sitar, all blended with vocals and an irresistibly catchy chorus. […]

1309, 2012

Bebel Gilberto: Moving in a new direction

At age 46, Bebel Gilberto has achieved considerable success as a musician. Her numerous tours and live shows along with 4 studio albums, each critically acclaimed and commercially successful, are a testament to her status as one the most prominent modern day bossa nova artists.  She could easily adopt a more relaxed approach to life but on the contrary she seems to be doing the very opposite. […]

1209, 2012

Man in the Mirror (Bossa Nova Remix)

This  year marks the 25th anniversary since the release  of  American pop icon Michael Jackson released his album “Bad.” Though not having the same notoriety as the previous album, “Thriller,” which went on to be the best selling album of all time, it  too enjoyed remarkable commercial success and is cited as the 5th best selling album of all time. Along with this it featured a number of successful singles and videos.  One such song was “Man in the Mirror.” […]