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1408, 2012

Video: Buddy Greco performs, “So Danco Samba”

Today is the 86th birthday of American singer and pianist Buddy Greco. […]

1408, 2012

10 interesting facts about, “The Girl from Ipanema”

This month marks 50 years since the most famous bossa nova song of all time, “The girl from Ipanema” was originally composed. There have been a number of articles from various media outlets, both within and outside of Brazil, that have commemorated this golden jubilee. Many of them have been informative and shed more light on the process behind the making of the song and the great success and honors bestowed upon the song, its creators and even the girl it is supposedly based on. However, there are still some things, you may not know about this song. Here are 10 facts about the song from Veja Rio. […]

1308, 2012

Find Magazine features Hermeto Pascoal

Find Magazine recently profiled Hermeto Pascoal, a composer and stalwart of Brazilian music. During his career he has helped elevate the careers of several artists such as Elis Regina and Edu Lobo and has worked alongside Sergio Mendes and Antonio Carlos Jobim. […]

1208, 2012

Oliva Ong performs during the Singapore National Day Reception

August 9th, marked the National Day in Singapore. The Annual reception took place and bossa nova singer Olivia Ong alongside Ms Tanya Tan performed the National Day Parade theme song “Love at First Light.” […]

1108, 2012

Album of the Week: Jazz Samba Encore (1963) – Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa

Being the album that is supposedly the sequel to the ground-breaking “Jazz Samba” and the prelude to the phenomenal and Grammy album of the year”Getz/Gilberto” may make “Jazz Samba Encore” seem like a smaller album sandwiched between two colossal works, but rest assured the album is a giant in its own right. […]

1108, 2012

Maria Rita “rediscovers” Elis Regina

Maria Rita, the daughter of famed bossa nova singer Elis Regina, has entitled her latest tour “Rediscover” and it serves as a series of dedications to her mother who died 30 years ago.  Her latest performance was at the Credicard Hall on Saturday night (11), in Sao Paulo.  The performance showcased several of the songs that made Elis Regina on of the biggest singers in Brazilian music history. […]

1008, 2012

Bossa Nova Songstress Cecilia Monte will be performing live at Markham Jazz Festival

Up and coming bossa nova singer Cecilia Monte will mark the launch of her first full length studio album, “Open Air” with a performance at the Markham Jazz Festival on August 19th at 2:00 p.m. This follows the official release of her album on August 9th. […]

1008, 2012

Trio Bossa Nova to perform original Bossa Nova during the Jazz in the Vineyard Series

The Jazz in the Vineyard series is a collection of live concerts featuring musical talents mainly from the genre of  jazz. However, on August 19th, bossa nova fans will be in for a treat as bossa nova group Trio Bossa Nova will be performing. As described on their site. […]

1008, 2012

Bebel GIlberto performing at the Sziget Festival, Live Youtube Stream Available

As mentioned earlier this week. Bebel Gilberto will be performing at the Sziget Fesivtal tonight at 9:40 p.m. There will be a live stream provided on youtube. […]

908, 2012

R.I.P. José Antonio Waghabi Son (1943-2012)

R.I.P. José Antonio Waghabi Son (1943-2012) […]