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2707, 2012

Roberta Sá participates in the taping of “The Brazil Sound

This Monday (23rd) bossa nova female singer Roberta Sá participated in the taping of the show “The Brazil Sound.” The show feature work from the “golden era” of bossa nova music. […]

2607, 2012

Video: Bebel Gilberto performing “So Nice” at the Brasil Summerfest

Bebel Gilberto performing “So Nice” at the Brasil Summerfest in New York. […]

2607, 2012

Miles Davis on “Desafinado”

Miles Davis (1926-1991) is a jazz composer and widely considered to be one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. His 48 album discography features mainly jazz and various hybrids but his closest link with bossa nova is his 1964 release “Quiet Nights,” an album featuring various jazz standards done in bossa nova style. […]

2607, 2012

Sergio Mendes: Interview in the Chicago Tribune

Bossa Nova great, Sergio Mendes has recently sat down with the Chicago Sun-Times to discuss his career; both past and present and what the future may entail. […]

2507, 2012

Bebel Gilberto Performs at Brasil Summerfest New York

Bebel Gilberto headlines this summer’s  Brasil Summerfest in New York.It began on the 23rd  and will continue till the 28th of this month. The Bossa Nova songstress has traveled across the world, first developing her talent in Brazil before coming to New York,  her birth place. Here she did many live performances and recorded a number of songs for albums and movie soundtracks. She moved to London, but famously returned to partner her father, Bossa Nova originator Joao Gilberto, at the Carnegie Hall. […]

2507, 2012

Canto Vadio – The new book by Sergio Ricardo

Sergio Ricardo, now 80 years of age is releasing a new book entitled “Canto Vadio” or “Stray animal Corner” in English. […]

2507, 2012

Wanda Sa Celebrates 50 Year career and pays tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim

Tonight Bossa Nova veteran Wanda Sa will commemorate her 50 year career by paying tribute to her biggest musical influence and former musical collaborator the late great Antonio Carlos Jobim. The show “Forever Tom Jobim” with Wanda Sá” will be held at the Teatro Municipal “Teotonio Vilela”  at 9:00 pm (local time). […]

2507, 2012

Tangerine and Elephants combining Bossa Nova and English Rock in latest single

Tangerine and Elephants, a band from Curitibanos,  have released their latest single “Bunch of grapes” which can be listened to from here. […]