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501, 2014

Best of Bossa Nova in 2013

A Review of the Best of Bossa Nova in 2013

2013 was another important year for all fans of music but for fans of bossa nova, the Celebration of 100 years of Vinicius was a year long event. It was also an important year for bnovamusic that saw us change the look and structure of the websites. In this article I will recap the year in bossa nova and also the year for Bnovamusic, featuring some of our most interesting stories. […]

2412, 2013

Merry Bossa Christmas

We here at bnovamusic would like to wish you and your loved ones a Bossa Christmas and a happy nova year. Our selection: Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – The Christmas song. […]

112, 2013

Honey & I Bossa Nova Remix

Haim is a band that is made up of 3 sisters. They specialize in music that combines indie rock with pop while burrowing some elements from 90’s R&B. The band has enjoyed a remarkable year, performing at the Glastonbury festival before being signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation. Continuing their fine year they released their debut album entitled “Days are gone” which has enjoyed critical and commercial success. […]

1810, 2013

Interview with Toquinho on Vinicius

The friendship between Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho is the kind of fiction. Despite an age difference greater than 30 years, the two musicians enjoyed a friendship that paralleled a remarkable collaborative musical career that produced great albums and songs. Toquniho was with as he took his last breath and still keeps the legacy that their friendship provided in music. Below is a translated excerpt from an interview Toquinho did recently with Spanish newspaper “El Tiempo.” In it he discuss his close friend and how he continues to still play an important role in his life. […]

1710, 2013

The Greatest Vinicius

It is often the mark of great men in history that their life be attached to a common name. For instance throughout history there have been many persons with the name Caesar but when you think of the word Caesar, it is almost always the legendary roman general, Julius Caesar that comes to mind. There have been several famous men in fields such as sports and entertainment with the same name. There was even another lesser known roman emperor; but without a doubt it is Julius Caeser that usually comes to mind when one thinks of the “Caesar”.  The same can be said about another great man, the Brazilian father of bossa nova lyricism, Vinicius De Moraes. […]

1610, 2013

Miami’s Magic Bossa Nova Days

Below is a special piece by the gifted writer Vance Garnett describing a time where music and culture flourished in Miami and showing the role bossa nova had in it.

“Magic City” Show Not Cancelled for me: I Was There.
A First-hand Account of Miami’s Magic Bossa Nova Days



“Magic City,” the Starz cable television series, has been cancelled after its second season. This strands devoted viewers with greedy hotel owner Ike Evans in free fall; Ike’s nemesis, Ben Diamond, smirking in a hospital bed; Ike’s younger son driving out of his life forever; and Ike’s beautiful young wife idling her engine, and that of her car, outside of the building where Ike’s older son watches as she contemplates going inside for what might at the time have been called “immoral purposes.” […]

1310, 2013

Royals Bossa Nova Remix

Royals Bossa Nova remix works well because the original was naturally compatible with the distinct percussion of bossa nova […]

610, 2013

Caetano Veloso has been nominated for 5 Latin Grammys

Brazilian musical legend, Caetano Veloso has been nominated for 5 Latin Grammys
It’s that time of the year. While the North American music industry has already celebrated its biggest night of the year, the Latin community is preparing for their own. The 14th Annual Latin Grammy Award Ceremony will be held on November 21st and though there are many young acts in spotlight, it is the name of one Brazilian veteran that appears five times on the nomination ballots: Caetano Veloso. […]

1109, 2013

Beyonce comes to Brazil

Beyonce comes to Brazil as a part of the “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” and impresses in Fortaleza […]

909, 2013

Joao Donato: Intreview with DCI

Joao Donato has enjoyed a long and very successful career in which he has worked with and influenced a large number of musicians – both instrumental and vocal. In a recent interview with DCI he discussed the birth of bossa nova and it’s current standing in brazil and abroad. […]