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1603, 2013

Album of the week: A Certain Mr. Jobim – Antonio Carlos Jobim (1967)

“A Certain Mr. Jobim” serves as a marker in Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Career
 The 60’s was a special decade for Antonio Carlo Jobim. First and foremost it was during this period that his music was first presented to a large North American Audience.  He released 4 solo studio albums, collaborated with many prominent figures in American Jazz and pop and did a number of side projects. For this reason it comes as little surprised that Jobim would look back on the previous years of success and draw on them for ideas when he was creating ” A Certain Mr. Jobim.” […]

1203, 2013

ICE El Hielo by La Santa Cecilia

Ice El Hielo is a calm relaxed bossa tune about serious issues
To say that La Santa Cecilia’s music is eclectic is an understatement. The band based in Los Angeles, California is influenced by several different styles of music including, but not limited to: boleros, reggae, ranchera, mariachi, salsa, afro-cuban and bossa nova. As if that were not enough they add a highly expressive style of performance with a flamboyant way of colorful dress that makes them a rainbow of sounds and visuals. […]

903, 2013

Album of the Week – Toquinho e Vinicius

True friendship is a rare commodity and one that seems even more elusive in the music industry. However, if ever there was an exception to this, at least in the world of bossa nova, it would be the personal and musical relationship between Vinicius De Moraes and Toquinho. […]

703, 2013

Dexter Gordon & his blue bossa

Dexter Gordon –  A bebop innovator that also dabbled with bossa nova

To bebop fans, the name Dexter Gordon, should be a familiar one. He was one of the first musicians to play the tenor saxophone in the bebop style and enjoyed a career that lasted many decades until his death from kidney failure at age 67. […]

503, 2013

Chega de Saudade

Chega de Saudade – The first bossa nova hit
Universally accepted as the first bossa nova song to gain widespread attention, Chega de Saudade is truly a landmark song in the history of bossa nova and modern music. Though Joao Gilberto would be the one to popularize the song, featuring it on his album with the same name, it was Rio’s very own Elizete Cardoso who would have the honor of being the first to perform the song. It is her version, recorded on July 10, 1958, and not Joao Gilberto’s version which is regarded by many historians as the first phonograph recording of bossa nova. […]

103, 2013

Waters of March (Agaus De Marco)

Waters of the March (aguas De Marco) is widely regarded as the best song from Brazil and one of the best in the world.

In 2001, Waters of March (Aguas De Marco) was voted the best Brazilian song of all time by journalist and musicians alike on a poll done by Folha de Sao Paulo. Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, it is regarded by many as his finest work and has become a mainstay in both the world of bossa nova and Jazz. […]

2802, 2013

Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge – Various Artists

Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge , a Brazilian and Oriental mix that will leave you satisfied
If Brazil is the home of bossa nova, then Japan can be considered a second home.  For decades it has produced a large number of artists and albums, in the process forming a prominent subculture in the world of bossa nova. This has often produced two varieties of music. One resembles the original bossa nova of Brazil in every way but name, while the other incorporates new elements, usually with an oriental flavor.  Tokyo bossa nova lounge is a collection of both types, though the former tends to dominate. […]

2502, 2013

Rio 2 will feature Bossa Nova Stars

Rio 2 will retain Bebel Gilberto and Sergio Mendes, among others
Rio 2 is the sequel to the animated musical –comedy that was released in 2011. The original film, directed by Carlos Saldanha, was based on his hometown of Rio. With this in mind, the inclusion of bossa nova on the soundtrack seemed a natural move.  […]

1602, 2013

Rio – The Birth Place of Bossa Nova

A look at one of the most beautiful and culturally rich locations on Earth, Rio – The home of bossa nova

Rio, the second largest city of Brazil, is a place of natural beauty, tolerance and a prevailing spirit of fun and calmness. In the 1950’s it was a hotbed for cultural and social creativity and trends. […]

1502, 2013


The Verve Record Label, more than any other of its kind, has been responsible for bring bossa nova to audiences in the United States.
Formed by jazz impresario Norman Granz in 1945, Verve Records, stands out as one of the world’s most prominent jazz labels and also one of the most important proponents of bossa nova across the world. […]