At age 46, Bebel Gilberto has achieved considerable success as a musician. Her numerous tours and live shows along with 4 studio albums, each critically acclaimed and commercially successful, are a testament to her status as one the most prominent modern day bossa nova artists.  She could easily adopt a more relaxed approach to life but on the contrary she seems to be doing the very opposite.

Bebel Gilberto: Moving in a new direction

Bebel Gilberto: Moving in a new direction

This year has seen her do a remarkable number of shows, tours and even humanitarian work. She has also been working on new material for her upcoming album. When she sat down with Chicago Sun time for an interview recently she discussed her approach to her latest work and also talked about changes in her personal life that she has had to make. From the sounds of things she seems both personally and musically liberated.

I got divorced; it was a big surprise. But it was time because it wasn’t working. It’s better for me and him. It’s better to be focused.”

“I’m writing more songs alone, and it will have five or six covers,” she said. “I’m looking for producers to work with — I can’t mention names yet. But I will be in charge.”

My new songs are more like the ones from ‘Bebel Gilberto,’ which was about following your dreams and knowing what your dreams can do for you. The fact that I have songs written 100 percent by me tells you what I’m feeling like now, I’m more confident in my writing, and I’m also playing the guitar now, too.”

She also discusses her departure from verve.

“Verve, I’m done with them. They had a crisis in the company. I was pleased to be part of their catalog, but it was time to leave.”

Increased confidence can only be a positive thing for her as a person and artist and one can not help but eagerly anticipate her next release.