A Review of the Best of Bossa Nova in 2013


2013 was another important year for all fans of music but for fans of bossa nova, the Celebration of 100 years of Vinicius was a year long event. It was also an important year for bnovamusic that saw us change the look and structure of the websites. In this article I will recap the year in bossa nova and also the year for Bnovamusic, featuring some of our most interesting stories.

Bossa Nova in 2013

Bnova Best of 2013



Current Releases


Dim The Lights - Fabiana Passoni

Dim The Lights – Fabiana Passoni

Though it was the year of Vinicius, 2013 brought a number of new releases. Fabiana Passoni released her EP, “Dim the lights” which featured songs from the 70’s ranging from disco to pop.   She managed to take songs which were uniquely crafted by diverse artists and make them her own in a soothing and comfortable listening experience. It was my personal favorite release of the year. Marco Esch released his latest album “Bossa E Paz.” A Gospel album set to the calming backdrop of bossa nova which invokes a uniquely reflective mood in listeners regardless of their belief systems.

The plight of immigrants in the United States was brought to attention by  La Santa Cecilia’s in their song, “El Hielo.” Known for an Eclectic sound, the group mainly utilized bossa nova this time around though the vocals were handled in a typically Latin manner. Both the message and the song resonated with us.

Our favorite acoustic album was the aptly title “Acoustic Bossa Nova” by Ida Landsberg and Simone Salvatore. As I commented in my review., “Most of the tracks on the album have rarely, if ever, been done in the bossa nova style and the decision to make the whole album an acoustic one is just as unique as it is effective.”

Finally, we could not forget to mention “Bossa de Alma Nova” which brought together old school and contemporary artists in the form of bossa nova veteran Roberto Menescal and Andrea Amorim. Fortunately, neither tried to outshine the other and what results is a cohesive and enjoyable work which demonstrated the self-confidence of the pair.


Vinicius de Moraes


This marked 100 years since one of Brazil’s greatest poets and Bosssa Nova’s lyrical father, Vinicius de Moraes was born. Throughout the world and especially in his homeland tributes were grand and abundant; a most fitting tribute to a lasting influence. We at Bnovamusic tried our best to add to the slew of tributes with our own original pieces of work.

Bossa Nova in 2013

2013: The Year of Vinicius De Moraes

We kicked off the year with our own custom made Vinicius Wall paper as displayed in the thumbnail above. For the real wall papers in it’s original size – click here. We then featured his largely influential sound track to Orfeu da Conceição, a play who’s script was also created by Vinicius, as our album of week.

In the month of his birth we featured a story comparing de Moraes to other important figures who also shared the name Vinicius and found known were quite as influential as the lyricist. We named it: The Greatest Vinicius. Finally, we were able to enlist DJ JaBig for a mix of some of Vinicius de Moraes’s work. It is featured here for everyone to listen to.



Bossa Nova in 2013

Rich E Fresh


Another year inevitably brings another set of bossa nova remixes. With popular songs  in different genres being performed with the unique elements of bossa nova. In particular we would like to highlight an individual who has made it his specialty to mix some of the latest modern hits with bossa nova percussion. Rich E Fresh is a DJ and producer from San Fransisco with a heart that beats to the rhythm of bossa nova. His remix of Royals was something of an internet hit being featured on our site and as well on the Huffington Post to much acclaim.

Other notable remixes include:

Moves Like Jagger (Bossa Version) – Marcela Mangabeira

Bossa Nova version of Bellie Jean

Just Like Heaven (bossa version) – Kat Edmonson


Editors Picks


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Thank You

It was has been another exciting year for all of us at bnovamusic.com. We have continued to see steady growth and hope to continue this trend in 2014. This would not be possible without the countless individuals (including artists, managers, writers) who have contributed to the content of the site. We appreciate all the persons who willingly allowed us to interview them and feature their interviews on the site.

Above all else we would like to thank all who viewed, subscribed, shared or followed Bnovamusic.com in 2013. We started this website because we believed that there was a need for an active bossa nova website for English speakers and feel honored to serve you.

Goodbye 2013