A Review of the best in the world of bossa nova in 2012

2012, marks the first year of our existence but it also marks an important year in bossa nova music.We celebrated 50 years since the writing of the, “Girl from Ipanema” and also celebrated the golden Jubilee of Charlie Byrd’s and Stan Getz classic, “Jazz Samba.” In this article I will recap the year in bossa nova and also the year for Bnovamusic, featuring some of our most interesting stories.

Best of Bossa Nova 2012

Best of Bossa Nova 2012


Current releases


Jazz Samba Project Veroneau

Open Air - Cecilia Monte

Open Air

This year was also saw a number of contemporary artists release bossa nova albums. Cecilia Monte toured Canada and her album, Open Air was featured as our album of the week. Luciana Souza released two albums this year, Duos III, her bossa nova album has received a Grammy nomination for Latin jazz album of the year. Veronneau released their second album “Jazz Samba Project” to rave reviews and was our favorite original release of the year.

Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto had an active 2012

We also would like to put the spotlight on Bebel Gilberto who had a very active 2012. She was the headliner at this year’s Brasil Summer fest in New York. She also toured extensively throughout north America and Europe with her most publicized performances being at the Sziget Music Festival. When not touring she also spent time helping poor and unfortunate children by combining with the non-profit organization, “Save the Children.” Her and acclaimed videographer Fabrizio Ferri also put together a special video to showcase their work and raise awareness.

Gilberto Gil

Gilberto Gil performs at Carnegie Hall - Voices of Latin America

Gilberto Gil performs at Carnegie Hall

Age has not slowed down the political and musical figure, if anything it seems to have had a reverse effect. Gilberto Gil had a busy year touring North America, visiting numerous institutions and was also featured in the “Voice of Latin America” held at the Carnegie hall, where he served as a representative of Brazilian music. He capped off a hectic year by performing alongside American music great Stevie wonder in Rio de Janeiro in front of more than 400,000 fans.


Happy Birthday Caetano Veloso

Tributes are a common commodity in the music world but of course there are some artists that warrant grander tributes than others. Caetano Veloso celebrated his 70th birthday this year and was worthy of being named the 2012 Latin Grammy Personality of the year.

( English translated closed captions are available)

2012 was also the year that Maria Rita “rediscovered” her mother Elis Regina. Her tour of brazil was a series of concerts paying tribute to her deceased mother. An appropriate memorial for one of the most celebrated and talented female vocalists in contemporary Brazilian music history.

Maria Rita+Elis Regina

Maria Rita pays tribute to Elis Regina

Antonio Carlos Jobim also received a number of tributes with an art exhibition created in his name, focusing on his love of nature. A documentary was also released on DVD and Wanda Sa celebrated 50 years by paying tribute to the legend in concert. Evidently his legacy lives.

“Tom is by far the largest, I think he is amazing, his music is very elaborate, very Brazilian, but has international flavor, so much so that Frank Sinatra recorded his songs.” –  Wenda Sa


Bossa nova has an unmistakable sound and feeling to it. For this reason over the years it has been used  by several groups across various genres to change the style of their original works. 2012 has been no different with a number of bossa nova remixes being done.

Most popular amongst these was the gangnam style bossa nova remix. The original is the most watched internet video ever and has reached 1 billion views worldwide on Youtube. The song features  elements of pop and electronica and seems like an usual candidate to have a bossa nova remix. The result is an unconventional mix that will appeal to some and turn off others. Below we featured other notable “bossa nova remixes” that we enjoyed:

1. Rolling in the Deep(bossa nova remix) – Mint Parker

2. A thousand Miles (bossa nova remix) – Lua Blanco

3. Enter the sandman(bossa nova remix)- Captain Vibe


Bleach Anime Going Home Bossa Nova Remix

One very interesting phenomenon this year has been the number of anime-bossa nova crossovers we have seen. These animated series, often originating from Japan, with distinct art styles and engaging plots have captivated the imaginations of people all over the world. The music styles vary depending on the genre of the anime but few would have expected to see as many anime-bossa nova crossovers as we ended up seeing. Below are some of the most popular of this year that we featured on the site

Bleach Anime – Going home (bossa nova remix)

The Idol m@ster anime soundtrack

Full Metal Alchemist & Bossa Nova

Editors Pick:

BNova logo

BNova logo

This year we have published hundreds of articles covering a wide array of different topics. Notably, our album of the week series has been very popular and the accompanying song of the week series has also garnered a lot of views and positive feedback. Below are my personal picks for the best original articles of 2012:

Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim

Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim

Album of the Week: Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim

The Gentleman and Bossa Nova

Vinícius de Moraes’ tribute to Oscar Niemeyer

Profile: Sitti Navarro

Italian Bossa Nova: Riccardo Bossa Nova

10 interesting facts about, “The Girl from Ipanema”

Lani Hall: The voice of Brasil 66′

Song of the Week: Soul Bossa Nova – Big Band Bossa Nova

Exclusive Interview with Veronneau

Most Popular posts:

Helo Pinherio writes, "The Eternal girl from Ipanema"

Helo Pinherio writes, “The Eternal girl from Ipanema”

Below are the most popular post of 2012:

The Girl from Ipanema writes her autobiography

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Special Thanks

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone involved with the writing and artistic direction of this site. Your tireless work has contributed greatly to the remarkable output and growth experienced over the past few months.

Scott Willis, the owner of Bossa Nova Breakfast, has been a very supportive figure for this website. Not only has he helped publicize the site by disseminating our stories, he has also been available to talk with us when needed. His radio station is my personal favorite and has been my personal background music while writing several articles.

We would also like to thank our interviewees who fortunately were all very timely and positive. We’d like to thank the publicist Laurie Lockhart, who was very co-operative and helped us while we were doing articles related to her artist Cecilia Monte. Tangerine and Elephants provided us with media in the form of videos and pictures and we are thankful to them for that.

The Bnovamusic readers

More than anyone else we would like to thank the viewers and followers of Bnovamusic. We started this website because we believed that there was a need for an active bossa nova website for English speakers and feel honored to serve you.


We’ve enjoyed very positive growth since we launched this site in August. We have managed to amass 2411 followers on the website and 2299 followers on Facebook. We hope to continue this trend of growth and hope to provide more interesting articles centered around the genre of music we all love, bossa nova.

Goodbye 2012