In lost Samba one can find a collection of stories and anecdotes that gives us a unique peak into Brazilian life


Lost Samba

Lost Samba


Growing up in Rio da Janeiro with British parents, Richard Klein represents the connection between the western English speaking world and the Brazilian culture that we here at bnovamusic continually try to promote and maintain.  His first book, “Lost Samba” focuses on a period in Brazilian history when music especially in the form of bossa nova and tropicália provided a voice for the people in a time where militant dictatorship suppressed free expression.

It focuses on a seminal era of Brazil’s story that has gone unnoticed and that is probably a backbone element of its current left wing government. The story is centered on the dreamy and tragic generation that crawled out of the privileged classes secured by a military dictatorship in search of freedom and sanity in the sixties and the seventies only to find one of the worst economic disasters in recent history.

-Richard Klein

More than simply a book Lost Samba is a project spread across multiple online platforms including YouTube, Tumblr, Spotify and other channels. The project also serves as a guide to Brazil in many ways, displaying various aspect of Brazilian culture through the different multimedia such as photos and videos.

Lost Smaba Beach

Though more about life in general than music, chapter 13 entitled “A short history of Brazilian modern music” provides an informative and concise historical account of the development of popular Brazilian music during the 20th century, through his own eyes. Below is an excerpt where Klein discusses his the experience of watching the likes of Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque live in concert:

Their shows were huge events; when the doors opened the audience rushed in like cattle, and when everyone had taken their places, there was a similar atmosphere to being in the Maracanã. The several sections of the theatre booed and cheered each other as if they were supporting different teams. They also sang choruses with related and unrelated themes some of them political, some of them related to drugs and some of them just plain funny.

Lost Samba provides a personal look into the social and economic atmosphere responsible for so many classic songs and should not be ignored by any fan of music from that era. It is sure to enhance the listening experience.

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