Bossa Billie Jean

Bossa Nova version of Bellie Jean have been performed by various artists over the years.


This month marks 30 years since the original Micheal Jackson hit was released. It topped charts in several countries, including America and the UK, and will always be remembered as the song upon which Jackson introduced his “moonwalk.”

Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

It’s infamous bass line and legendary status has resulted in it being covered by several artists over the last 3 decades. The world of bossa has not been impervious from this and a number of bossa nova versions have been produced. Below are our two favourite

Caetano Veloso+billie+jean+live

Caetano Veloso

Caetano Veloso’s live performance of the song is a fast paced acoustic version which keeps the same passion of denial that made the original so captivating. His singing is almost frantic and it brings an urgency that is fitting and memorable.

Susan Wong brought it down a notch for her cover. Her version is far more delicate and soft. The arrangement is a modern one and though song with energy is ironically tranquil.

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