We here at Bnovamusic always try to provide both traditional bossa nova content and also bossa nova content with an interesting twist. Today’s post definitely falls into the latter category.

Bossa nova on Idolm@ster anime soundtrack

Bossa nova on Idolm@ster anime soundtrack

Idolm@master is a Japanese anime based on a popular Xbox video game. Now you maybe wondering, “What does this have to do with bossa nova?” Well the original soundtrack, recently released, features 3 bossa nova remixes. I have to say I was intrigued with how this would be executed. The musicians did a good job here though.

The soothing and youthful vocals that have become synonymous with j-pop are a perfect fit for these new age bossa arrangements that see acoustic guitars and drums (played at an above average speed) fuse seamlessly with Japanese influenced woodwork and piano melodies. It all culminates in what is, overall an enjoyable listening experience. It’s adds a different flavor that I rarely hear on bossa nova records. The often mature and sophisticated sound of the genre is replaced by an upbeat sound that can best be described with adjective such as “cute” or “adorable.”

Whether you are a fan of anime, J-pop or bossa nova, I’d advise anyone to give the 3 tracks a listen. My pick of the 3 tracks is below:

I have not watched the anime but from what I’ve read and seen the plot seems to involve a large group of girls (about 15) who are all rookie musicians. All of them are vastly different from one another in appearance and also in singing style and personality. The plot develops as they all try to individually attain pop music stardom. The anime community seems fairly impressed, so I assume the music is not the only bright point. The two other bossa nova tracks are below:

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