Brazilian World Music Day is a special initiative being put on that will celebrate Brazilian music in all it’s forms including  bossa nova, samba, Brazilian jazz, MPB and other genres. Brazilian World Music Day

On September 7th there will be a dissemination of thousand of Brazilian recordings through various outlets including bnovamusic. Details from the press release are presented below:

“New York—The ARChive of Contemporary Music (ARC) announces the launch of  Brazilian World Music Day.  In collaboration with Columbia University Libraries at  Columbia University, and with the support of Founding Partners Gracenote and the Internet Archive, ARC will lead an online effort to celebrate Brazilian music and catalogue tens of thousands of recordings from around the world in a single day: Sept 7, 2012, Brazil’s National Day.    

A major component of BWMD will be the database describing ARC’s Brazilian Music Collection and Brazilian recordings held by all archives and libraries around the world.  ARC is already the largest collection of Brazilian music outside of Brazil, with more than 5,000 recordings.  Our goal is to grow this collection of 78s, LPs and CDs in partnership with a cultural institution in Brazil.  Information
on all Brazilian recordings in the world will be posted in a freely available online database for reference and research as part of the website.

The project director for Brazilian World Music Day is New York based producer Béco Dranoff,  known for his work with Bebel Gilberto, The Red Hot Organization (Red Hot + Rio projects) and the documentary Beyond Ipanema: Brazilian Waves in Global Music.”

With the event only weeks away from now, we ask that anyone interested in contributing to this in any way contact this email