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1910, 2013

Vinicius de Moraes Mix

To celebrate the centenary of the great Vinicius de Moraes we asked our friend JaBig to do a special mix taking songs from across his career. Enjoy ! […]

503, 2013

Chega de Saudade

Chega de Saudade – The first bossa nova hit
Universally accepted as the first bossa nova song to gain widespread attention, Chega de Saudade is truly a landmark song in the history of bossa nova and modern music. Though Joao Gilberto would be the one to popularize the song, featuring it on his album with the same name, it was Rio’s very own Elizete Cardoso who would have the honor of being the first to perform the song. It is her version, recorded on July 10, 1958, and not Joao Gilberto’s version which is regarded by many historians as the first phonograph recording of bossa nova. […]

2102, 2013

Hotel Bossa Nova releases “Na Meia Luz”

Hotel Bossa Nova releases new album entitled “Na Meia Luz”
German band Hotel Bossa Nova have released their 4th album “Na Meia Luz.” Lead by Portuguese-Indian singer Liza da Costa and accompanied by band members Wolfgang Stamm(drums), Alexander Sonntag(bass) and Tilmann Hohn(guitar) the group blends bossa nova with samba, American jazz , flamenco along with other exotic musical forms. […]

1502, 2013

Nat King Cole feat. Bebel Gilberto – Brazilian Love Song

Today marks the 93rd year since the birth of American jazz singer Nat King Cole, who died at the relatively young age of 45. His soft baritone voice is unlike any heard before or after him and his countless songs throughout his short but very celebrated career have provided a large number of classics.

1302, 2013

This Easter: Marco Esch – The Bossa Gospel

Bossa nova smooth and calming effect is one that could go well with a spiritual or religious message and that is exactly what Musician, Marco Esch is utilizing in his latest project "Bossa E Paz." Despite, enduring hardships, both financial and emotional, Esch has maintained a positive outlook on life and he certainly feels that a belief in God is central to this. With his latest album he hopes to spread "the word" in a format rarely attempted; bossa nova.

1102, 2013

Goyte’s Somebody that I used to Know – Inspired by Luiz Bonfa

The Grammy awards have now all been given out and Belgian musician Goyte walked away with Record of the year for his super hit, “Somebody that I used to know.” This would have not come as a surprise to many as his song enjoyed remarkable critical and commercial success last year and was always a favorite. What may come as a surprise though, is the fact that his initial inspiration for the song came from Luiz Bonfa’s 1967 song “Seville” from his albums “Luiz Bonfa plays beautiful music.” […]

1002, 2013

Rico Suave Bossa Nova by J DiIlla

Hip Hop producer J Dilla sampled bossa nova for a song
On this day 7 years ago hip hop producer J Dilla died at the age of 32. Throughout his career he worked with a number of prominent artists and is widely regarded as one of the best hip hop producers ever. On this track entitled “Rico Suave Bossa Nova” he samples elements of bossa nova. The Brazilian band “Azymuth,” would later do a cover of this track. […]

302, 2013

Chick Corea’s “Chega De Saudade”

Jazz musician Chick Corea include his version of Chega De Saudade in his Grammy nominated album

Jazz pianist and composer, Chick Corea, has had a remarkable last 12 months. In 2012 he released not one, but two albums and now faces the rare prospect of being his own competition. Both of his albums have been nominated for Grammys and have contributed to his impressive tally of 62 Grammy nominations to date. […]

3101, 2013

Bossa Billie Jean

Bossa Nova version of Bellie Jean have been performed by various artists over the years.

This month marks 30 years since the original Micheal Jackson hit was released. It topped charts in several countries, including America and the UK, and will always be remembered as the song upon which Jackson introduced his “moonwalk.” […]

2501, 2013

Andrea Bocelli & Nelly Furtado perform Corcovado

Andrea Bocelli collaborates with Nelly Furtado for Corcovado duet.

Andrea Bocelli, the famed Italian singer, will be releasing his latest album, “Passione,” on the 29th of January. For this, his 13th studio album,  he collaborated with big names in American pop music who still have managed to maintain a Latin flavour in their style; namely Jenifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado. With the latter Bocelli performed a duet of the Antonio Carlos Jobim classic, “Corcovado.” […]