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1601, 2013

Dorris Day – Bossa Nova Bessie

With the movie award season now in full session, we remember the life of one of the most successful American singers and actresses of her generation and an unassuming bossa nova songstress, Dorris Day. […]

1101, 2013

Audio: Tanto Tempo (Live session)

The title track from our album of the week,”Tanto Tempo” is performed in an exclusive Itunes live session. Enjoy. […]

511, 2012

Video:Full Metal Alchemist & Bossa Nova

For one reason or another, it now seems common practice to find a Japanese anime soundtrack featuring a song done in “bossa nova style.”  In the past few weeks we featured music from the animes Bleach & Idolm@sters and now we present the bossa nova version of  “tsuki no uragawa”  from the Full Metal Alchemist soundtrack. […]

111, 2012

Noel Releases Bossa Nova single “Woman”

In keep with the recent focus on bossa nova from the east, we bring you music from Korea. It is not Gangnam style this time around though. The group we are focusing on today is K-pop male vocal group “Noel.” After a 5 year hiatus in which they released virtually no original work, last year saw them triumphantly return to mainstream Korean music. […]

2410, 2012

Italian Bossa Nova: Riccardo Bossa Nova

As the media focuses on the current disaster that has befallen Italy  we hear at bnovamusic would like to shift the focus to bossa nova from some of the finest bossa and Jazz acts from Italia.
“Recardo Bossa Nova” was released in 2009 featuring Irio De Paula and Gianni Basso. The former was born in Rio de Janeiro and has established himself as one of, if not definitively the most prominent Italian bossa nova musician, amassing a loyal following and more than 50 studio albums. Basso is one of Europe’s finest jazz musicians and also enjoyed a long and fruitful career in Italy. […]

1010, 2012

Bleach Anime – Going Home (Bossa Nova Remix)

Today we feature an interesting bossa nova “remix” of a song entitled “Going Home” off the Original Soundtrack of the popular anime, “Bleach.”  […]

810, 2012

Gangnam Style (Bossa Nova Remix)

Gangnam Style is the lead single off Korean rapper’s Psy’s sixth studio album PSY’s Best 6th Part 1. Released on July 15th 2012, the song has been an international hit achieving remarkable commercial success. […]

410, 2012

Return to Innocence (Bossa Nova Remix)

In 1994 German musical group/project, “Enigma” released the track “Return to Innocence”.  It was an infectious blend of rock and world beat elements. Complete with eerie chants and deep abstract lyricism, the song garnered something of a cult following and was a commercial success that year.  […]

2809, 2012

Choro Nervoso – Novissimo

Novissimo is a Brazilian band that specializes in traditional south American music forms, in particular jazz, samba and bossa nova. Their latest video features the band playing live. The music featured is contemporary bossa nova with an energetic mood. […]

3108, 2012

Lord Hummingbird – Teenage Bossa Nova Girl – Calypso and Bossa Nova

Today, Trinidadians everywhere will be celebrating 50 years of Independence from British rule and we here at Bnovamusic, felt it would befitting to present something to commemorate this. The song featured today is Lady Hummingbird’s “teenage bossa nova girl.” This rare 60’s record combines calypso, a form of music derived from Trinidad, with bossa nova. The track manages to blends the two distinct music forms seamlessly. Featuring a riveting riff and lively vocals, over a standard bossa nova drum pattern and guitar section, the song is a true treasure. Happy birthday Trinidad and Tobago. […]