Exclusive Interviews with bossa nova artits and groups from all around the world.

1504, 2016

Interview : Earl Okin

505, 2015

Interview: The Bob Nova Project

102, 2015

Interview with Sherie Julianne

Off the back of a great year for Sherie , which included the release of her album “10 Degrees South” the future looks bright for the Bay Area based songstress. She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us late last year .

1511, 2014

Interview with Rozina Pátkai

When thinking bossa nova , the central european nation of Hungary rarely comes to mind . However the country more famous for its mathematicians and Goulash has brought us Rozina Pátkai. A classically trained jazz singer hailing from the capital city of Budapest , who has found her home in the genre of bossa nova. She has performed and won awards around Europe including her native Hungary as well as the United States. Before her latest European tour which takes her to France , Belgium and Spain she agreed to answer a few questions for us. […]

2007, 2014

Interview with Dave Holmes

The man trying to spread Brazilian music across Europe. We sat down to have an interview with Dave Holmes.

105, 2014

Interview with Emy Tseng

Taiwanese born  jazz singer Emy Tseng has serenaded the ears of  many with the sounds of Brazil in her time . An academic, she has attended not only Brown University but also MIT studying Math and Physics. Though classically trained, upon moving to New York she began focusing on Jazz and found a love for Brazilian Jazz within that . With a show coming up at The Metropolitan Room in New York this Saturday we were  happy that she was able to find the time to answer some of our questions. […]

2403, 2014

Samba Soul of Lilian Vieira

Lilian Vieira is a Brazilian-Dutch singer who carries the power of Samba-Soul with her. Born in Brazil , a former nursing student found her calling in singing. Growing up in a musical household where there would musical get-togethers on the weekends  Lilian found a particular liking to the genre Samba-Soul.


1202, 2014

Mr.Suave’s Mod Bossa Nova

Mr.Suave’s Mod Mod World is a site dedicated to mod music. Mr.Suave did a feature on Bossa Nova earlier this year. As he described ” the South American sensation,” should be apart of any mods catalog. One may ask however , what is mod ? and how does it tie in with Bossa? For these answers we turned to Mr.Suave himself. […]

502, 2014

Vinicius’ last Interview

Vinicius de Moraes, the celebrated Brazilian poet, gave his last interview with journalist Narceu de Almeida Filho in his home in Gávea , Rio de Janeiro in 1979. He had recently gotten married and after a period of travel had settled down to work on his writing again. The interview covered a variety of topics; from his work at the time of the interview, his reaction to criticism, religion, death, his partnerships and relationships, (both professionally and personal )Bossa Nova and Brazilian society. […]

2101, 2014

Interview with Marcos Soter

Marcos Soter is a guitarist whose work over the years has enchanted his listeners.Not only a performer and artist but a teach and producer Marcos has worked with some of the greats such as  Toninho Horta and  Lula Galvão.  His style blends the sounds of Brazil with more traditional elements of jazz . Specializing in a number of genres the talented Marco kindly agreed to answer some of our questions.