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103, 2013

Waters of March (Agaus De Marco)

Waters of the March (aguas De Marco) is widely regarded as the best song from Brazil and one of the best in the world.

In 2001, Waters of March (Aguas De Marco) was voted the best Brazilian song of all time by journalist and musicians alike on a poll done by Folha de Sao Paulo. Written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, it is regarded by many as his finest work and has become a mainstay in both the world of bossa nova and Jazz. […]

2802, 2013

Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge – Various Artists

Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge , a Brazilian and Oriental mix that will leave you satisfied
If Brazil is the home of bossa nova, then Japan can be considered a second home.  For decades it has produced a large number of artists and albums, in the process forming a prominent subculture in the world of bossa nova. This has often produced two varieties of music. One resembles the original bossa nova of Brazil in every way but name, while the other incorporates new elements, usually with an oriental flavor.  Tokyo bossa nova lounge is a collection of both types, though the former tends to dominate. […]

2502, 2013

Rio 2 will feature Bossa Nova Stars

Rio 2 will retain Bebel Gilberto and Sergio Mendes, among others
Rio 2 is the sequel to the animated musical –comedy that was released in 2011. The original film, directed by Carlos Saldanha, was based on his hometown of Rio. With this in mind, the inclusion of bossa nova on the soundtrack seemed a natural move.  […]

2402, 2013

Bebel Gilberto apart of One Woman Initiative

We are One Woman
“One Woman” is a song inspired by the women aided  through the UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women better known as UN Women. The initiative gathers more than 20 musicians from across the globe for its production. […]

2302, 2013

Album of the Week: Dim the Lights – Fabiana Passoni

Fabiana “Dims the Lights” with latest release
Fabiana Passoni cultivated her musical talents in her homeland of Brazil before moving to Los Angeles in adulthood. As a result, she was able to incorporate elements of North and South American culture into her life and her music. Her latest EP “Dim the lights” is an expression of this. […]

2102, 2013

Hotel Bossa Nova releases “Na Meia Luz”

Hotel Bossa Nova releases new album entitled “Na Meia Luz”
German band Hotel Bossa Nova have released their 4th album “Na Meia Luz.” Lead by Portuguese-Indian singer Liza da Costa and accompanied by band members Wolfgang Stamm(drums), Alexander Sonntag(bass) and Tilmann Hohn(guitar) the group blends bossa nova with samba, American jazz , flamenco along with other exotic musical forms. […]

1902, 2013

The Bossa of Keter Betts

Keter Betts played a hand in one of the most influential Bossa Albums
Though he will always be known mainly as a Jazz player, American double bassist Keter Betts (born William Thomas Betts) was a key player in the spread of bossa nova in America during the 1960s. […]

1602, 2013

Rio – The Birth Place of Bossa Nova

A look at one of the most beautiful and culturally rich locations on Earth, Rio – The home of bossa nova

Rio, the second largest city of Brazil, is a place of natural beauty, tolerance and a prevailing spirit of fun and calmness. In the 1950’s it was a hotbed for cultural and social creativity and trends. […]

1502, 2013


The Verve Record Label, more than any other of its kind, has been responsible for bring bossa nova to audiences in the United States.
Formed by jazz impresario Norman Granz in 1945, Verve Records, stands out as one of the world’s most prominent jazz labels and also one of the most important proponents of bossa nova across the world. […]

1302, 2013

This Easter: Marco Esch – The Bossa Gospel

Bossa nova smooth and calming effect is one that could go well with a spiritual or religious message and that is exactly what Musician, Marco Esch is utilizing in his latest project "Bossa E Paz." Despite, enduring hardships, both financial and emotional, Esch has maintained a positive outlook on life and he certainly feels that a belief in God is central to this. With his latest album he hopes to spread "the word" in a format rarely attempted; bossa nova.