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1202, 2013

The Girl from Ipanema honours Vinicius

As carnival in Brazil continues, so too do the tributes to Vinicius De Moraes. Throughout his career the musician and poet made several iconic works of art and probably his most renowned work is "The Girl from Ipanema," which he wrote the original lyrics to.

1102, 2013

União da Ilha pays tribute to Vinicius

Carnival 2013 in Brazil's Rio state is in full swing. As mentioned the samba school União da Ilha do Governador has chosen the poet Vinicius de Moraes as their theme for this year in celebration of his hundredth year.

1102, 2013

Goyte’s Somebody that I used to Know – Inspired by Luiz Bonfa

The Grammy awards have now all been given out and Belgian musician Goyte walked away with Record of the year for his super hit, “Somebody that I used to know.” This would have not come as a surprise to many as his song enjoyed remarkable critical and commercial success last year and was always a favorite. What may come as a surprise though, is the fact that his initial inspiration for the song came from Luiz Bonfa’s 1967 song “Seville” from his albums “Luiz Bonfa plays beautiful music.” […]

1002, 2013

Far Out Bossa Nova

Although Bossa Nova’s origins are rooted in the beach culture and neighborhoods of Rio, the music has found a home in contemporary London on the Far Out Recordings Label. […]

802, 2013

Spike Lee’s Next movie to feature bossa nova stars

Spike Lee upcoming film project to be feature bossa nova stars and will be shot in Brazil
Spike Lee is an American director whose movies often delve into the political and social aspects of North American life.  In his upcoming documentary he sticks to the aforementioned tenets but changes his focus from the United States to south of the border: to Brazil. […]

802, 2013

“A Luz do Tom” released in theatres

The new Documentary “A Luz Do Tom” has been recently released and chronicles the life of the musician.
Directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos,  “A Luz do Tom” or “The Light of Tom” is a documentary that tells the story of Tom Jobim  through the women closest to him .Thereza Jobim, the first wife, Ana Jobim Otter, second wife, and Helena, Jobim’s sister. This is dos Santos’ second Jobim documentary after “Music according to Tom Jobim” which was released last year. […]

802, 2013

Girl From Ipanema voted the 9th greatest Jazz Vocal

Girl From Ipanema ranked as the 9th greatest Jazz Vocal recording by fans and listeners in North America

Listeners of the jazz radio stations NPR Music, and KPLU  have recently voted for their favorite jazz vocal recordings of all time. Given it’s impact on jazz and its international popularity it was no surprise that Stan Getz’s and Astrud Gilberto’s, “Girl from Ipanema” was ranked 9th. […]

702, 2013

Exhibit for Vinicius De Moraes set for later this year

A special Exhibition has been planned to celebrate the life of the great poet and songwriter Vinicius de Moraes
The tributes and dedications continue for the great Brazilian icon Vinicius De Moares as the world celebrates a century since his birth. This time in the form of an audiovisual exhibit that has recently been announced. […]

602, 2013

Beauty Contest Dedicated to Vinicius De Moraes

Beauty Contest officials decide to honor Vinicius de Moraes

Vinicius De Moraes was many things: a poet, a singer-songwriter and playwright. Outside of the artistic realm he was known to be somewhat of a bohemian, with a great apatite for alcohol and a love for women. […]

502, 2013

Nossa Alma Canta

Nossa Alma Canta is an Italian musical group that use their heritage to produce a unique brand of bossa nova

Throughout history Venice has been a place renowned for its role in the development of Italian music. Originating from this, “Republic of Music,” Nossa Alma Canta is a band that seems to continue the tradition of innovating music. Formed in 1998, the quintet comprises of individuals who share a common interest in bossa nova and Brazilian culture. […]