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104, 2013

RIP Phil Ramone

Phil Ramone will be remembered as a legendary producer and sound engineer behind many of the most important records of the 20th century […]

3003, 2013

Album of the Week: Acoustic Bossa Nova – Ida Landsberg and Simone Salvatore

Despite the fact that bossa nova is often composed and played on a guitar the number of acoustic bossa nova albums produced presently, as in the past, are surprisingly relatively small in number. It is possibly due to this fact, that singer Ida Landsberg could release her album titled “Acoustic Bossa Nova,” without the worry of ambiguity. Safe to say there is no ambiguity from a musical aspect either; Ida Landsberg sounds like no one else on this record. […]

2503, 2013

Album of the Week: Herb Alpert Presents – Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66’

Herb Alpert Presents “presented” to the world a unique group and sound that entertains and impresses in equal measure
At the young age of 25 Sergio Mendes was already an experienced musician in the burgeoning bossa nova movement. He had already paid his dues by playing in the night clubs during the 50’s and had already released a few albums. However, it was not until the release of “Herb Alpert Presents” that Sergio Mendes really solidified the sound and style that would characterize his musical career for decades. […]

2203, 2013

What is Bossa Nova?

What is Bossa Nova? A question often asked. To find the answer one must be prepared to look deep into the origins of bossa nova

With all things there is a sense of identity. What that person, thing or even idea truly is. So we ask what is the identity of Bossa , or better yet  what is Bossa Nova? For some it is simply the genre of music that swept the west during the 1960s, derived from the technique of Gilberto, the harmonies of Jobim and the lyrics of Vinicius. However, Bossa Nova carries varied significance depending on those you ask. Bossa Nova can be thought of as just a genre, more so a movement, an idea or a culture in itself. […]

1903, 2013

Desafinado (Off Key)

Desafinado: A clever composition based on a clever concept

It is a rarity for a musician to highlight a lack of musical ability as a source of inspiration. Ironically, this was the inspiration for one of the most popular bossa nova songs of all time, “Desafinado” (Off Key).  Remarkably, the background story behind the song is just as ridiculous as the subject matter. […]

1603, 2013

Album of the week: A Certain Mr. Jobim – Antonio Carlos Jobim (1967)

“A Certain Mr. Jobim” serves as a marker in Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Career
 The 60’s was a special decade for Antonio Carlo Jobim. First and foremost it was during this period that his music was first presented to a large North American Audience.  He released 4 solo studio albums, collaborated with many prominent figures in American Jazz and pop and did a number of side projects. For this reason it comes as little surprised that Jobim would look back on the previous years of success and draw on them for ideas when he was creating ” A Certain Mr. Jobim.” […]

1203, 2013

ICE El Hielo by La Santa Cecilia

Ice El Hielo is a calm relaxed bossa tune about serious issues
To say that La Santa Cecilia’s music is eclectic is an understatement. The band based in Los Angeles, California is influenced by several different styles of music including, but not limited to: boleros, reggae, ranchera, mariachi, salsa, afro-cuban and bossa nova. As if that were not enough they add a highly expressive style of performance with a flamboyant way of colorful dress that makes them a rainbow of sounds and visuals. […]

903, 2013

Album of the Week – Toquinho e Vinicius

True friendship is a rare commodity and one that seems even more elusive in the music industry. However, if ever there was an exception to this, at least in the world of bossa nova, it would be the personal and musical relationship between Vinicius De Moraes and Toquinho. […]

703, 2013

Dexter Gordon & his blue bossa

Dexter Gordon –  A bebop innovator that also dabbled with bossa nova

To bebop fans, the name Dexter Gordon, should be a familiar one. He was one of the first musicians to play the tenor saxophone in the bebop style and enjoyed a career that lasted many decades until his death from kidney failure at age 67. […]

203, 2013

Carlinhos Zodi Interview

Carlinhos Zodi and his Kingston Bossa
Sao Paulo native Carlinhos Zodi is a  multi-talented musician doing interesting things in Bossa Nova and Brazilian music. He recently released his album “Kingston Bossa” a unique mix of Bossa Nova and Jamaican genres such as Reggae, Ska and RockSteady. He even travelled to Jamaica to record the album, working along side legends such as Toots Hibbert, of Toots & The Maytals. He has also worked as a television reporter and director of various Brazilian and International programmes.  Carlinhos kindly accepted our request to answer a few questions. […]