Song of the Week

809, 2012

Song of the Week: Fotografia – Open Air

An elegant song treated with care, the track “Fotografia” displays Cecilia Monte’s great vocal ability. Soothing vocals accompanied with a subtle guitar, piano and bossa beat makes this song a joy to listen to. […]

109, 2012

Song of the Week : Aganjú – Bebel Gilberto

The title gives reference to Aganjú, the spirit of volcanoes, rivers and the symbol of growth in Yoruba. With  lyrics by Carlinhos Brown , it seems to give a reflection of how the spirit has aided him throughout his life. […]

2508, 2012

Song of the Week: Samba de Orly – Construção

After Chico went into exile in 1969 during the dictatorship in Brazil,the song describes the parting of  friends in the French city of Paris at the Paris-Orly Airport  from which the song gets its name. […]

1808, 2012

Song of the Week: Síncope Jãobim – Estudando A Bossa Nordeste Plaza

At its essence Síncope Jãobim  can be considered a 3 minute history lesson on the beautiful genre that is Bossa Nova. In his  playful style Tom Ze and his partner on the track Andreia Dias  give you the greats of Bossa and Brazilian Music on a whole, mentioning the likes of Lyra, Jobim and Baden Powell. […]

1108, 2012

Song of the Week: Ebony Samba – Jazz Samba Encore!

A fitting finale to what is a wonderful album, Ebony Samba features all that made the album a great listen. The versatile Luiz Bonfa  opens with a more contemporary phrasing before Stan Getz steps in to add his warm lead. The song you could say sounds like a “jamming” session between the two great musicians, each giving time to each other to showcase their ability on their respective instruments. […]

408, 2012

Song of the Week : Berimbau – Look to the Rainbow

Berimbau takes its name from the instrument which is heard in its intro and throughout the song. Having its origins in Africa the instrument  is most widely known as the rhythm keeper in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira and is also the subject of the song. The song itself was originally by the guitarist Baden Powell with lyrics by the great Vinicius de Moraes. […]

2807, 2012

Song of the Week : Amparo – Antonio Carlos Jobim

Originally written for the film “The Adventures” a movie based on a novel by Harold Robbins, Amparo which is also known by the name Olha Maria is one of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s true materpieces.  […]