Argentine bossa nova singer Cecilia Monte recently sat down with “Madly Juicy Magazine” and expressed her views on bossa nova and reflected on the experience of recording her latest album “Open Air.” She also talks about her preference to record her music with lyrics in English, Portuguese and Spanish. She goes on further to discusses how she is bridging the gap between the different languages through the universal medium of music and allowing a culturally diverse audience to all connect to her music.

Ceclia Monte interview

Ceclia Monte

“Bossa nova is a very traditional Brazilian style of music. It’s kind of obsolete now in Brazil, but very popular ev

everywhere else. I grew up with bossa nova, my childhood friends were Brazilian and my mom used to listen it all day long. It is about love with a lot of fun stories, about the attachment of Brazilian people to their culture and nostalgia for those who left Brazil. It was born with Antonio Carlos Jobim and it is very related to jazz. It’s rich and harmonically complicated; it’s a completely different style. The rhythm, language and story are different. Bossa nova and jazz match but they always are played differently.”

“With art you can choose whatever you want. I just happened to love Brazilian music because I grew up with it. The Portuguese language is so beautifully musical. There’s so much music incorporated in the language. In the last song of my album, Ilusion, I mix Spanish and Portuguese. Language is a great tool. It’s particularly important in Canada where the audience may not understand Portuguese lyrics. Singing once the chorus in Portuguese and then in English helps to connect everyone to my music.”

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