Boss nova fans are very much aware that  the founding of the genre, at times has been attributed, to Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius De Moraes, who are of legendary stature in the world of music . Chega De Saudade is often considered as the first recorded bossa nova song which was initially composed by Jobim and written by Vinicius and became a hit after Joao Gilberto released it as a single on an album of the same name.  The phrase itself which means ‘enough longing’ expresses an intense homesickness. Bossa Nova has managed to solidify an influence in New York and over the next few weeks when jazz and bossa nova fans reminisce and play back this song they should be reminded to go to 80 W 3rd  St on April 1.

chega de saudade


Fans will be treated to a concert in Amity Hall which bears the same name as the classic song. Patrons can expect to be quenched of that homesickness and longing for laid back nostalgia and exciting complex rhythms and be hypnotized with an irresistible moving sensation to the genre’s unique appeal. Proceeds from the concert will be used to aid the “Brazil En Mente” a cultural center and bilingual school that holds the only Brazilian pre-school in the USA. The entity provides bilingual education, children’s books in Portuguese and other cultural events. Please support this unique cause and in addition come and enjoy a worthwhile experience of Bossa Nova.