Bahia remembers 100 years of Dorival Caymmi


Dorival Caymmi

The city of Salvador in Bahia has many attributes to its name including being Brazil’s first colonial capital, its largest city on the northeast coast and home to many cultural, historic and tourist destinations. The popularity of the city to the global world was grown with the help of residents that became notary figures in fields such as politics, film, sports and music. One such notary figure that brought much appeal to the state of Bahia was  renowned Bossa Nova artist Dorival Caymmi who had songs that  paid homage to the state’s women, lifestyle, beaches and fishermen.



Credited as being a contributor to the Bossa Nova movement and a founder of Brazilian popular music Caymmi died in 2008 at age 94 of kidney cancer and organ failure having created a legacy of Brazilian classics  and heavily influencing Brazil’s image in the eyes of locals and foreigners with his songs that promoted Bahian people and culture. Caymmi endured and celebrated a career lifespan of over five decades releasing an approximate amount of 20 albums and developing a reputation of producing consistent exceptional quality recordings. He is regarded by some of being second only to the great Antonio Carlos Jobim who himself called Dorival a universal genius granting him the title of “Brazil’s Greatest Composer”.

Bahia has bestowed Dorival with honors as a sign of gratitude for his priceless contribution to Bahia, bossa nova and Brazilian music and culture. In 1968 he was presented with a house in his birth city by the then Governor of Bahia and had a street named after him in 1985. In what would have been his 100th year if still alive Salvador saw it fit again to celebrate the legend’s influence by  hosting a series of concert and other events and launching a CD titled Dorival Caymmi Centennial. The concerts and events were held in October and had some of the biggest names in MPB (Música popular brasileira) in the lineups, presentations and tributes by family members, friends and other relevant figures. The CD was put together by Dori Caymmi, the son of the legendary musician and in order to set the tone he got together other Bahian musicians to sing his father’s songs. Chico Barque, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso added input the CD whose tracks are as follows:

1 – What is that Bahian It? – Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil

2 – Sargasso Sea – Nana Caymmi

3 – Saudade Da Bahia- Caetano Veloso

4 – Rosa Gilberto Gil Morena-

5 – Dora – Chico Buarque

6 – Vatapá – Danilo Caymmi

7 – John Bully – Dori Caymmi

8 – The Neighbor From Side – Mario Adnet

9 – The Legend Of Abaeté- Nana Caymmi

10 – Samba Da Minha Terra – Gilberto Gil

11 – Saturday In Copacabana – Caetano Veloso

12 – Marina – Chico Buarque

13 – Not I- Danilo Caymmi

14 – The Well Of The Sea – Dori Caymmi

Being a singer, guitarist, composer and even a painter Dorival was an integral ambassador for Bahia and Brazilian music.


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