Sergio Ricardo, now 80 years of age is releasing a new book entitled “Canto Vadio” or “Stray animal Corner” in English.


Sergio Ricardo’s new book – “Canto Vadio”

This release is a part of the third Winter Festival of St. Lawrence. Sergio Ricardo has been honored by the committee in charge and there was also an exhibition during the festival which told the story of an 80 year old musician who reminisces about all his past experiences.

The book covers his career from start to finish, highlighting various periods and paying special attention to his musical output in the 1950, at which time he was a major Bossa Nova artist and the height of his career.

Sergio Ricardo: “We need to give a jolt to see if we give a new meaning to culture. Formerly it was the purest thing, “

He also talks about his famous stage stunt: “It was really a comic, but I was disgusted with the system we lived”